Charlotte Hornets

Detroit Pistons vs Charlotte Hornets – Highlights | December 7, 2016 | 2016-17 NBA Season

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  • it's unbelievable that I'm the only pistons fan that knows reggie is a cancer on the court. he dribbles down the clock, throws the ball away, can't defend worth a damn, can't pass the ball to open teammates, can't shoot at all, can't get to the free throw line, …he doesn't do anything well….ish smith may not be able to shoot all that well but he is smart on the court and finally was understanding his teammates. it shocks me that no one else sees this…trade reggie please

  • reggie shoots threes like he can make them 2 for 8 thats a every night stat for him.i didnt like when they got em .i rather would have branden jenning and ish and the white guy, hes a shooting guard that cant shoot in a point guard body. im a big man and when u play with a point guard that cant hit the 3 or pass that a slow looking offense.there a half court team with him out there with the other two there a fast break team…….