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Charlotte Hornets Keep Their Cool, Nic a Top Int. Player

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Buzz City Stings is your daily destination for the latest and best news from around the internet about the Charlotte Hornets. The team was able to grab their third straight win as they defeated the Chicago Bulls at home behind Nicolas Batum‘s triple-double. In this edition, we look at the Hornets keeping their cool, Batum as a top international player, and D-League development.

Hornets Keep Their Cool After Robin Lopez Flagrant

“Chicago’s night ended with frustration Friday when 7-foot center Robin Lopez and forward Taj Gibson were ejected from the Bulls’ 103-91 loss to the host Charlotte Hornets with 38 seconds left. Lopez simultaneously elbowed Marvin Williams under the chin and with his other arm made light, incidental contact to Cody Zeller. Replays appeared to show that Zeller overreacted to the contact.” (

After the game was well in hand for Charlotte, Robin Lopez and most of the Bulls team were visibly frustrated in the final minutes. Lopez let out his anger by elbowing both Marvin Williams and Cody Zeller resulting in a flagrant two and an ejection. Taj Gibson also picked up his second technical on the play and was headed for an early shower as well. The best part of this altercation was the Hornets’ players’ ability to keep their cool in the situation. They didn’t receive one technical or go too far to defend themselves or their teammates and that can be a lot harder than you think with emotions running high.

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Nic Batum a Top International Player

“The Hornets took a gamble last offseason, when they sent away lottery pick Noah Vonleh to Portland in a deal that brought Batum to Carolina for the last year of his contract. Batum’s offensive role had been shrinking with the Blazers for years; his usage rate peaked in 2011-12 and declined each season before he reached the Hornets. Charlotte needed shot creation and shooting alike, and Batum seemed like the answer.” (

This article took ESPN’s Top-200 players list and ranked the top-50 international players from that. Batum comes in at 10 which seems low for a player of his caliber. The rankings were made before the season so his spot behind Dirk Nowitzki and Nikola Jokic is forgivable. Although, just being in the top-10 of international players in the NBA is pretty impressive.

Harrison and Wood Continue Development With Swarm

“Swarm Head Coach Noel Gillespie said both Wood and Harrison have been great with the Swarm, Both are committed to getting their work in and winning in the D-League. It’s immediately clear how much smoother the team’s offense runs with Wood and Harrison in the lineup. The minutes, and the game reps, are ultimately the most valuable parts of the experience for Harrison and Wood. As young players, they have to keep finding ways to get better. The two can develop with Charlotte, but nothing can replace the valuable game action they see with the Swarm.”

As the two top prospects for the Charlotte Hornets, a close eye will be on Harrison and Wood all season. Each player has been getting ample playing time with the Greensboro Swarm in the D-League and with their great play, it is only a matter of time before they break through into Steve Clifford’s rotation. The implementation of the Swarm has already been a major positive for the Hornets’ organization.

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