Charlotte Hornets

Charlotte Hornets, 2.0 director intro and teaser

For the past 3 years I have been following and profiling the grassroots fan movement to change the name of the Charlotte Bobcats NBA team to the Charlotte Hornets. At first people said it was a pipe dream. Then they said it would cost too much money. Then they said the name doesn’t matter when the team is bad.
But the Hornets fans didn’t quit. Like our Hornets Nest ancestors in the Revolutionary War, who swarmed and stung and fought off British General Cornwallis, Hornets fans faced an uphill battle. Charlotteans rallied and protested and lobbied and swarmed… and eventually the Bobcats ownership took notice.
This film continues the long-standing Charlotte tradition of tenacity in the face of overwhelming odds. It’s about the strong-willed people of this community who believe in doing things our way and not listening to naysayers– people who will battle, sweat, bleed and swarm to take back what belongs to us.
Rusty Sheridan
Director, “Charlotte Hornets, 2.0”

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