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Sean Marks Suspects Jeremy Lin’s Return is ‘Pretty Soon’

Brooklyn Nets general manager Sean Marks sat down with YES Network’s Sarah Kustok yesterday, to discuss his thoughts on the start to the season. Among the topics mentioned was the progression of Jeremy Lin.

Yesterday, the Brooklyn Nets broadcasted an interview between Sarah Kustok and Sean Marks on Facebook Live. The session included questions about the Nets’ start to the 2016-17 season, surprises and disappointments thus far, and questions from Nets’ season ticket holders.

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When discussing disappointments, Marks stated, “I don’t know if there’s been a whole lot of disappointment, I think one would obviously be the unfortunate injuries, namely loosing Jeremy (Lin) with the hamstring.”

Though not providing a timetable for Lin’s return, Marks noted that Lin is determined to return and has been eager to make a comeback. However, time and patience are key, and the Nets have evidently been cautious with Lin.

Jeremy is one of the most competitive people I’ve ever seen. I don’t think he’ll mind me saying this but he said “I’m used to proving people wrong, I’ve done that my whole life. I’m going to prove people wrong coming back from this injury.” I said “look, just take your time, you don’t need to prove them wrong by coming back too soon. So just take your time.” You know you’ve got the right guy, the right fibre, when one of your lead players says something like “I want to prove people wrong, I’m itching to get back”. He’s so vocal, still at practice, in the locker room, and has been from day one when he was out with his injury. He’s progressing well, I don’t want to put a time limit on it, or a day, but I suspect it’s pretty soon.

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This probably won’t reassure fans all that much, as yet another day goes by without a specific word about Lin’s condition and progress. It’s been nearly a month since he stepped foot onto the hardwood in a black-and-white uniform, and fans have been frustrated with the Nets’ performance without their star point guard.

Without Lin, Brooklyn has gone a dismal 3-12 and lost 10 of their last 11 games. And though we all appreciate Lin’s flashy blazers and bowties, we’d appreciate it even more if the Harvard alum could put this team out of its misery.

Simply put, the Nets need Lin, and they need him now. But hamstrings are tricky. Everyone will just have to keep in mind that it’ll be better for Lin to return in full force, rather than half recovered.

Hopefully “pretty soon” means by Christmas, because Lin’s return would sure be a good Christmas present to Nets fans. Haven’t we suffered enough?

Much thanks to The Brooklyn Game for transcribing the interview. You can also listen to the full interview on the Nets Facebook page.

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