LeBron James will not sign with Pittsburgh Steelers in 2010

LeBron James has stated that he wants to play for a title contender next year, and will sign with the team that he feels gives him the best chance to do that. Consider the Steelers out of the sweepstakes, after they were embarrassed in Cleveland last night by the 1-12 Browns. This win was a huge lift for a Browns franchise who had lost 12 straight games to the Steelers, (7 years of losing) and 10 in a row at home. No one expected the Browns to win this game, and the Steelers needed to win badly to keep their slim playoff chances alive. The defending Super Bowl Champions looked confused by the stifling Browns defense, led by Rob Ryan. The Browns did not even disguise their blitzes in this game, and still managed to sack Ben Worthlessberger 8 times. The Browns rushed for 171 yards and only needed the 13 points they scored in the first half to secure the win.

Not that LeBron would have played for the Steelers anyways, but this will definitely guarantee them no-shot at landing him in 2010. (what?) This season alone they’ve lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, the dysfunctional Oakland Raiders, and the Browns. Enough said. This is the equivalent of the defending NBA champion LA Lakers needing to win a game in April vs. the Clippers to keep their playoff chances alive, and failing miserably. Maybe this game will move the Browns forward in a positive direction, and LeBron will consider taking a leave of absence from the Cavs in the month of January 2011 to help the Browns hold up the Vince Lombardi trophy.

LeBron is staying in Cleveland, and those who think otherwise are buying into the media creation by the Nike LeBron camp to get people talking about him. He has no reason to leave a team and city that has a serious chance at winning a championship. The Brooklyn Nets and Knicks will not be contenders next year. He’s not going to L.A. because Kobe is a selfish shovenistic prick and he doesn’t want to share the spotlight. And he’s definitely not going to the Steelers who can’t beat the Browns when their season is on the line. LeBron is here to stay. LeBron James is underrated


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