Boston Celtics

Win-streak continues, Boston Celtics breakdown

Mike Bossetti and Brian Boake are joined by BBALLBREAKDOWN’s James Holas to discuss the Toronto Raptors great play and preview the Boston Celtics.



Co-Experts Mike Bossetti and Brian Boake welcome James Holas to discuss Boston Celtics and how they compare to the Toronto Raptors. During the podcast they answer important questions like:

Bruno Caboclo and Jeff Green of all players and how potential does not always lead to success.

Who has a better chance of making the finals, the Boston Celtics or the Toronto Raptors?

Why DeMar DeRozan has been underrated? How much more efficient is DeRozan this season? How improved is DeMar’s defense?

How will the Raptors lowered minutes impact them come playoff time?

What is the Celtics biggest strength? What is their biggest flaw? How deep is Boston and how will their young age impact them come playoff time, can they make shots when it really matters? The Celtics team is extreme switchable and extremely long, how does their roster composition matchup with teams like the Golden State Warriors?

How has Aaron Baynes played so far this season? What about Greg Monroe, how has his defense limited him, how has his passing helped him?

How great is Danny Ainge, including him stealing one of Brian’s favorite prospects.

What is Jakob Poeltl’s potential like? Will he develop into a starting center? What skill-set would help his development the most?

What has led to the Raptors bench breakout? How has Masai done building this team from the bottom of the first round?

What are both team’s chances of upsetting the Cleveland Cavaliers? How great is Lebron James? How does his game improve come playoff time?

How will the Toronto Raptors, particularly Serge Ibaka age? How will they look after this season?

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