Boston Celtics

Why The NBA is TERRIFIED of A DeMarcus Cousins Trade to The Boston Celtics.

A DeMarcus Cousins Trade Could Change The NBA Forever!
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  • this is a note from december 5th, 2016 on my mac:

    Demarcus Cousins is an absolute beast. Assuming he continues to produce his current numbers:

    *No one IN HISTORY has averaged 27 points, 11 rebounds, 1 block and 1 three-pointer per game.
    *No one IN HISTORY has averaged 11 rebounds and 1 block while making 1 three-pointer per game and shooting 35%. Demarcus does that while scoring over 27 points.

    *2 players (3x) have averaged 11 boards, 1 block and 1 steal while making 1 three. Cousins (1x) is ahead of Marion (2x). But Marion shoots under 35% on threes and doesn't record 3 assists.

    *No one IN HISTORY has averaged 11 boards, 1 block, 1 steal while making 1 three while also recording EITHER
    3 assists OR making 35% of their 3s. Cousins is doing BOTH.

    *13 players have averaged 3 assists, 1 steal, 1 block and 1 three on 35% shooting. *5 of those players have done it while scoring 27 points. Carter (1x), Durant (3x) and Cousins (1x).

    *42 players in history have averaged 27 points, 3 assists, 1 steal and 1 three-pointer per game. Cousins ranks #18 on that list in 3 point %. He is the only big to appear on the list at all and the only players ahead of him in 3 point %:

    Curry (1x), James (1x), Durant (3x), (1x), Bird (2x), Carter (1x), Anthony (1x), Jordan (3x) McGrady (1x), Harden (1x), Arenas (1x) and Bryant (1x). All these guys are guys who handle the ball quite bit…

    *Only 9 players have averaged 27 points, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 1 block and 1 steal per game. Demarcus in 5th in points scored on that list after Abdul-Jabbar (2x), McAdoo(1x) and Barkley (1x). None of those players hit ONE THREE IN THE SEASON except Barkley who hit 44 of 157, good for 28%. Cousins has made 59 of 165 thus far, good for 35.8% (and it's been steadily increasing despite playing on a team with a dearth of shooting, especially at the forward-centre positions).

    *Only 6 players have averaged 10 free throw attempts, 1 three on 35% shooting (8x). Only 3 players (5x) have done that with 3 assists per game:

    Harden (3x), Pierce (1x), Stackhouse (1x). Cousins' season is 5th after Harden and Pierce's seasons in TS%. If you make it a qualifier to score 27 points then Harden (2x) is the only one ahead of Cousins (1x) and Steakhouse (1x).

    *Only 14 players have averaged 1 steal, 1 block, 10 free throw attempts and 1 three-pointer made. Cousins ranks #12 in ppg on that list behind:

    Bryant (2x), James (3x), Iverson (3x), Harden (2x) and Steakhouse (1x). Cousins is the only big on the list. In fact, what's crazy is he is the only forward on the list other than Lebron–who is a revolutionary point-forward and Pierce–behind Cousins.


    No one in NBA history has combined Cousins' ability to score, rebound and shoot 3s. Add in his ability to handle/distribute the ball, block shots and get steals. score from the post, mid-range, free-throw line and 3 point line and you have a freak of nature.

    No one has been able to score from all over the court like Cousins except the best of the best at perimeter scoring. Select few have been able to score like he has while being the play-maker he is. No big has been able to get the rebounds, blocks and steals het gets while knocking down 3s. Especially at that efficiency. Especially with that play-making. ESPECIALLY, while having that ability to score down-low. If Cousins improves his defence– and I believe he would be more motivated on that end if:

    1. He weren't carrying an abysmal team and had the energy
    2. He were playing on a team that could compete and had an actual fron-office so he'd have the motivation

    Cousins is the best centre in the NBA and one of the greatest Centers of all time. Good day.

  • he's uncoachable just like dwight howard and carmelo anthony cant blend with other teammates……he was playing with isiaiah thomas before but nothing happened

  • I don't like the statement "despite playing with teammates who lack ….what is it called….Oh ya, talent". If they lacked talent, they wouldn't be a pro basketball player.if they are a pro basketball player, they are among the 301 best players, and millions of people play basketball.

  • I can see it in my mind.
    Lakers vs Celtics 2020's the greatest rivalry in sports revived.
    Year, after Year, after Year, after Year in the Finals.


    TRADE Avery Bradley + 2018 Nets 1st + 2018 Celtics 1st + 2019 Grizzlies 1st to the Kings for Demarcus Cousins

    DRAFT Lorenzo ball with the 2017 Nets pick =


  • sorry Mike I pray he goes to places like Toronto ,San Antonio lol Memphis or even better okc;(I really think okc would be the best for him).

  • I think that cousins shall go to Washington wizards, cousins and wall and Beal is a big 3. cousins and wall are friends