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Who Won the Kyrie Irving Trade: Celtics or Cavs?

Kyrie Irving was traded to the Boston Celtics on Tuesday and the internet broke into a billion pieces. The blockbuster deal sent Isaiah Thomas, Jae Crowder, Ante Zizic and the 2018 Brooklyn Nets First Round pick to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rick Strom breaks down the case for which team won the trade.

MORE Kyrie Irving, Isaiah Thomas Celtics/Cavs Trade!!

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Rick Strom

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  • Kyrie Irving has really bad energy, no doubt he's a good player but the way he left the Cavs wasn't very professional. Jae Crowder and Isaiah Thomas may find it hard at first, but I believe the Cavs won the trade.

  • How come everyone wants Boston to keep drafting these great high potential players but doesn't want to see them end up like what happened to Russ/KD/Harden…. Jaylens gonna wanna get paid, Jaysons gonna wanna get paid, and Bagley/Porter is gonna wanna get paid too… how can Boston afford all that? Simple develop Jayson, and Jaylen and try to sign a final good player to make a big 3

  • I agree with the vid except the last part where he said if Cleveland has a horrible year and Lebron leaves the Celts win. Why would Celts win? They just gave Cle top 5 pick so even if Lebron leaves Cleveland will be set with lots of free space, Kevin Love and a top 5 nets pick lol. Cleveland won this trade simply because Irving isn't worth IT, Crowder and top 5 pick. Firget Irving if they were gonna part with all this stuff Boston could've asked for Lebron.

  • Tyt Sports. Plan out what you're going to say before you say it. There was some good thoughts in here but the whole thing was an unmanageable word salad.

  • I really think Boston won this trade by a landslide. What they gave up isn't as valuable as everyone may think. I'll break it down:
    IT4: Brilliant scorer. Not gonna mesh well with LeBron coming off the season he just had, not to mention he's a defensive liability. On top of that, he's gone after this year whereas the Celtics and Kyrie have already said that re-signing is a good possibility down the road (not sure about that but let's see it play out)
    Jae Crowder:
    Total steal for the Cavs but Boston gladly needed to part ways. JaeCrow had beef with Hayward brewing and the Celtics had WAY too many forwards and every other forward on the team was non-negotiable. Now the young guys get more minutes for the Celts.
    Who? A project? Cool
    '18 Nets pick:
    Ready for a controversial thought? The Celtics didn't need this pick anyway. Danny Ainge should have parted with this pick a while ago. This upcoming draft is very FORWARD heavy and the Celtics have enough young forwards as is. Not to mention they still have the Lakers pick as long as it falls in between 2-5 (which it will, let's not play ourselves)

    Overall, the Celtics didn't really give up too much in my opinion, they addressed what they needed to address and got a Top 5 PG in the league in my opinion. Now, things looks brighter over at the Harbor. That's my take on it. If you disagree, feel free to destroy my shit.

  • Out of those 4 players mentioned Kyrie is the only one with a ring… Im not sure how that makes him the 4th best player over an aging CP3, an injury prone PG13, and a ringless Jimmy Butler

  • Typical short-sided and reactionary sports media we live in. This trade was an even trade as of now. The Celtics traded away Isaiah Thomas who is extremely similar play-style as Kyrie Irving both offensively and defensively. The biggest takeaway is that Kyrie is younger and more likely to improve on his numbers while Isaiah most likely had hit his peak this year in terms of scoring numbers which is his biggest strength. Although only rumored, Kyrie has said he is excited to play in Boston and already considering signing long-term. The Celtics traded away a great-underrated two-way player in Jae Crowder who has a great contract. However, by the Celtics trading him away, it tells us that Danny Ainge has tremendous confidence in the development and future of the young core players of Tatum and Brown. Along with newly signed Gordon Hayward, there was a logjam of players at the wing position which would have stunted the development of those young guys while also allowing Gordon Hayward his opportunity to have a significant contribution.

    As for the 2018 pick, that's an unknown commodity, but even with that pick gone, the Celtics still have 7 1st round draft picks over the next 3 years. What is the point of collecting assets if you're not going to use them in a situation like this to solidify you as a contender for the next 5+ years?

    As for the Cavs, it's a win as well. They are able to get a solid return at the point guard position as well as get another player who is a solid 3-and-D player that LeBron has built his career on playing with. Jae Crowder is another strong body to guard/try to slow down Kevin Durant if/when they play each other in the finals. I don't think it's likely that Thomas would resign with the Cavs due to financial limitations, but it could happen. And obviously the Brooklyn pick is just great for the Cavs long term as it will more than likely be a top 3.

    All in all, it was a solid trade for both sides because this helped the Cavs both long and short term, while this helped the Celtics solidify a long term plan of constant growth as they are highly aware that they really have no shot at beating the Warriors in a 7 games series within the next 3 years or so.

  • Wait… Irving is the 4th best player out of himself, Butler, PG13 and CP3!? Are y'all high or something? Where in the hell is Jimmy Butler better than Kyrie Irving? Defensively maybe, but Irving is easily the better offensive player. Also, are we convinced Paul George is a Top 10 player? Because I'm not. Kyrie can make more of a difference for Boston than PG ever could (especially given that we signed Hayward in FA). The only player that's better than Kyrie in that group is Chris Paul, and guess what, he's 32. How many more years at the top does he have? 2, maybe 3 if he doesn't get injured? Kyrie is 25 and he's about to enter his prime. He'll be one of the top 2 or 3 PG's in the league for years to come. I do think the Celtics gave up a little too much to get him, but let's not act like he's a scrub.

  • How is Kyrie forth-best in that group? He's the only guy who has been to multiple finals, has won a ring, and is the youngest and has the most potential out of these four. Saying that he's the forth-best is simply shortsighted.

  • You beat GSW with big, lengthy players that are physical on defense and pound in the paint with bigs. You have to move the basketball and make the people guarding you move with it and dominate the glass. A deep bench is nice to are too. You wont beat them if you slack on defense or if your bench doesn't contribute. Iso basketball isn't gonna work either.

    Age isnt a factor since Kyrie will leave still and IT would have stayed for a decent amnt of money
    Now they just became defensively worst and Now a diffrent style of offense that may not work
    BOSTON could have try and make another run with Gordon Hayward with the new team they traded Bradley because of the money of IT and Bradley but now what they could have atleast traded Bradley instead IT

  • Chicago and Indiana DID NOT WANT TO TRADE WITHIN THE CONFERENCE!! Why these "analysts" always ignore this fact???