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Who Will Be the 2010 NBA Champions?

This will be a really interesting season of NBA basketball, and I'm really excited that it's getting ready to start. This season should be full of action and unexpected twists and turns, and most importantly, some incredible rivalries already established should be well on their way to blossoming.

Who will win it all this year? That's the big question that no one really knows the answer to, but we can do our best to make some predictions about the upcoming 09-10 NBA season. There are a few contenders, and let's break them down.

First, there's the Los Angeles Lakers. I'd call them the favorite at this point, for two reasons. First of all, they're the defending champs. If they won a championship, they really have to be considered the favorite at this point. On top of that, they acquired Ron Artest, one of the NBA's best defensive players. It's scary to think about how much better this team might be.

Then, there's the Orlando Magic. The Magic made the finals last year, and as a young team, they do stand to improve. There's another big factor, and that's Vince Carter. The All-Star is now playing in Orlando and should boost the chances of this team.

Next up would be the Cleveland Cavaliers. This team, which many thought could win a title last season, is even better with Shaq in the mix.

Then we can not forget about the Boston Celtics. With last year's team healthy and Rasheed Wallace, this is a great team.

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