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Tom Brady’s plan to stay in shape ‘the model for all quarterbacks’

No matter what you think about the way in which Tom Brady takes care of his body, you have to admit he must be doing something right. Aaron Rodgers has. 

The 33-year-old Packers quarterback has long been a fan of what Brady’s done on the field, and judging by his latest comments he’ll be trying to emulate Brady as best he can off the field as well. That means doing everything possible to ensure that he can maintain his level of play for as long as possible. 

“When you’ve reached the level of success that I have, and we have in Green Bay you continue to have to find ways to reinvent yourself, and adapt, and change, and challenge yourself. And for me, the challenge has become, how do you stay at your best for an extended period of time, and how do you get your body in the best shape possible?” Rodgers said on FOXSports’ Evan Daniels’ The Sidelines Podcast.

“You look at the Super Bowl, I’ve been a huge fan of Tom Brady for a long time, and consider him one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time. And he’s doing it at 39. And the way that he takes care of his body is really a model for all quarterbacks. Young quarterbacks and quarterbacks kind of in the middle, the second half of their career like myself, who would love to be 38, 39 or 40 and be playing at a high level and be healthy and have their body where they want it at that age. That’s kind of the standard and the model for what I want to be.”

Makes sense. But Brady’s model is more than a dietary plan or a workout regimen. He described his approach to his job as a lifestyle. Given the level of dedication and discipline that it takes to make that lifestyle work, executing it is easier said than done, but it sounds like Rodgers is game.

If anyone can afford to have a good sense of humor, it’s Tom Brady.

The Patriots QB’s April Fools’ Day post on Facebook was a picture of an early edition of the Boston Globe from the day after the Super Bowl, which featured the “A BITTER END” headline a photo of the pick six Brady threw that eventually led to the Patriots trailing the Falcons 28-3 in the fourth quarter. 

Happy April 1st! #fakenews

Posted by Tom Brady on Saturday, April 1, 2017

Stop the presses. That, we all know, turned out to be #FakeNews. Later editions of the Globe, of course, and every other news outlet, carried the story of the Pats epic comeback for title No. 5.


James White looked at the Boston Celtics at TD Garden on Friday and saw — more or less — the New England Patriots on the hard court.

White, who attended the Celtics’ game against the Magic, told CSN’s Abby Chin this 2017 Celtics team remind him of the Patriots.

“They’re having a great season,” White said. “They’re in first place right now. Isaiah Thomas is having a big season. All different guys are playing their roles. They kind of remind me of the Patriots in a way. Hopefully, they can take it all the way.”

Here’s what else he said during the interview. 

On the offseason: “It’s been going well. Got some down time. Working out. It’s almost time to start the new season. I’m definitely excited for that.”

On where he spends the offseason: “I spend most of my offseason in Florida. [I] try to get away from the cold a little bit. I’m used to the cold from college [at Wisconsin] though.”

On whether the Patriots ever talk about pursuing a perfect season: “No, I mean. We just take it one game at a time, one offseason at a time. We just want to go out there and win games.”

On the Patriots’ big-name acquisitions: “Coach Belichick’s a great coach. He knows what he’s doing. No matter who’s out there, we want to go execute as a team, no matter what players we have or how many big name players we have.”

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