Boston Celtics

So…What’s Next for the Boston Celtics?

What’s good Youtube, it’s ya main man Bsolz back at it with another video. Okay mumble rapper BSOLZ is gone, the 4 am recorded videos are gone and I AM BACK. And man has a lot changed since that video. Now first let me reiterate that I still think Danny Ainge deserved the criticism he got and he still does. It’s not about what happened, it’s what he let not happen and I still believe that letting go of one asset and a couple role players for either Paul George or Jimmy Butler should have been the move. Although that summer league game between Boston and Philly combined with the new signing of Gordon Hayward is really making Ainge look good right now. Shoutout to Jayson Tatum by the way for a great game and Jaylen Brown as well was looking hella nice to the point where I wouldn’t have been mad if they started if we didn’t get Hayward. Not saying they’d put as over the top or they’re as good as Hayward, I’m just saying it would be pretty cool to see. Make sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe for more gameplay!

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  • nice take dude.. I agree.. I don't think the Celts are done yet… but even if they stay as is.. against Cleveland it would be a better series.. with CELTIC possibilities

  • Just put on the rings compared to all yo gay ass teams unless u the lakers stfu becz ur big man lebron only got one ring we still sitting here on piles of trophies with more to come

  • I think Tatum is going to slot in as the Power Forward when he's ready. Not all prospects play the same position in college as Pro.

  • Celtics still need another big. And they have to keep AB, and Smart or the heart of the team is destroyed for this year.

  • I would love to see this starting lineup:
    4-Jaylen brown or someone we trade for
    4-a big men like drummond

  • If they make a run at either of those bigs in NO, they're not keeping Tatum and Brown… They're gonna want at least one of them and that Brooklyn pick

  • i dont like downing teams but. Don't talk on my team. 4-0 sweep from cavs. aleast cavs have not beat us last 7 years in a home game if you want to brag. if the team stay healthy hit us 🆙. see what yll talking about this year

  • only thing to worry about is the first round pics yll have. good luck paying all. realy mean it. heat fan. just playing about the 4-0 but still was not pretty

  • If Boston bring Okafor in their roster, they can shoot them self in the head. Why do you want a player who is terrible in defence, who can't shoot, and it looks a like a new baby davis?

  • Rip avery bradley. Another casualty of the hayward deal. Hayward better be averaging 25-6-6 next year for how much he single handedly fucked up our roster

  • Your celtics havent won a chip since 2008 so don't talk about my Heat, and have not truly dominated since the 1990s. Still one of my favorite youtubers tho.

  • Come here for NBA, NFL, NCAAF predictions and more. We are a unique channel who just started today. Just 3 guys who live and die sports who want to bring it to you as much as possible.

  • Can you please please make A video about is lonzo a bust please listen to your fan please

  • I am, Hayward is essentially butler, George level with higher usage. Stats are just about the same. And if Otto porter is a max damn right Gordon is. And let's not even acknowledge everything upticked in playoffs against the best of the west

  • People always talking about the Celtics being in limbo between rebuilding/building for the future and winning now, but there's more to it than that. So first off having a winning team while still being able to draft high lottery picks makes you a destination for free agents. Top free agents and valuable vets on cheap contracts. Next the Celtics "vets"(still young) are definitely still valuable assets. They are in the enviable position of being able to decide which veterans to keep around while seeing what the rookies are gonna give them long term. TONS of tradable assets. But my major point is this. People talk about the Celtics needing at least one more top tier superstar in order to really compete for a title, but who has the cap space for four max contracts? Nobody. You need good deals. Well what if these rookies come in and start looking like superstars? Even future super stars. And at what? 5 million dollars tops? So let's say out of all these picks one guy looks like a top NBA player and 2-3 look like starting caliber players. That's value right there! AND, if they do develop like that, that give them the flexibility to try and trade the Veteran contracts and bring in the next available superstar. Maybe Anthony Davis. Maybe someone else. Gotta see what you got first though. Maybe what you have is already gonna get you close. Maybe not. Either way. Let's see what we get from the rookies before we put our chips in. This offseason was big. Next offseason is even bigger. More picks which will be more valuable closer to the draft. More free agents. IT and Smart to sign. Rookies to consider.

  • It may sound funny but even the bucks may win these celtics next season if they want to compete cleveland they need one more player who is going to be good at both ends

  • Celtics should be more optimistic, prideful, & competitive.. What happened to Celtic pride?? Yeah the Cavs r stacked but so were us Lakers with West, Baylor, & Chamberlain but it didn't matter… Lebron is getting older & I could see u guys having a chance beating them.. Lebron's reign in the East can't last forever.. Its honestly embarrassing how Celtic fans r just like yeah we r gonna lose to Cleveland lol come on y'all as a Laker fan I'm telling everybody that Julius, BI, & Lonzo are all gonna blow up into all stars.. Idk I gotta be optimistic & have faith in my team.

  • This dude still thinks a starter and a couple role players for PG would have done it. If he heard the news and facts he would have known it would have taken a kings ransom for the Pacers to trade PG to an east team.

  • Can someone tell me what is so wrong about losing in the conference finals? I mean that's better then most teams can say