Boston Celtics

NBA’s current Big four

At the top of the two conferences the Boston Celtics, Phoenix Suns, the Miami Heats and the LA Lakers are the teams firmly in control. Although the Heat and the Lakers have played a game less compared to the other two, their performances are quite outstanding. As it is right now, any team that meets them will count itself lucky if it gets a win. The only bitter pill for the big four to swallow is that no matter how good a team is it will one day lose. In light of this, every match the big four play counts, tomorrow the attention is at Miami Heat when they host the Washington Wizards.

In last night games, 466 points were scored by fours teams that recorded high scoring games in their two respective matches.

In San Antonio Texas the Spurs hosted the Toronto raptors missing the services of Tim Duncan and Tony Parker won the match 131-124. Argentine Manu Ginobili recording a season high of 36 points. The Raptors after losing Vince Carter to the Orlando Magic are still finding the road a little bit rough, all the same they have a team rooster, which has enough potential to challenge for a playoff spot.

In another high scoring game the Golden State Warriors tamed the Minnesota Timber wolves 146-105. Both teams are still struggling this season but if they can replicate this kind of performance in upcoming matches they might improve their standings.

Something to note is that if an NBA game ends with such a high score then it definitely means that the defense is just not strong. The Spurs and the Warriors won however if they don’t fix their defense others team will really capitalize on it.

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