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Nba – Darius Miles’ Comeback Delayed by 10 Games

Boston Celtics’ forward, the 26 year-old Darius Miles, was suspended for a total of 10-games due to a NBA program anti-drug violation which took place at the end of the 2007-2008 season. The drug apparently used by the NBA player was phentermine and it is classified as an amphetamine. However, for Miles and the Celtics, that is all in the past and the NBA forward is just trying to recover his place in the roster and be able to focus on getting back into the action soon.

Before the incident, Miles was out for two full seasons due to a micro fracture surgery in his right knee. Some doctors thought his knee injury was very severe and his come back was almost out of question. But after continuous rehabilitation and his strong determination, Miles is really close to achieve what he wants.

Both, his love for the game and the faith he has in his recovering, have helped him go through this very hard time; however, now there is no guarantee regarding his contract with the Boston Celtics. His talent and the way he has showed that he can play could have earned him a place in the Celtic’s roster 2008-2009, and if he actually gets the opportunity to play for them he will come back after the first 10 games.

Miles started his basketball professional career at a very young age and he entered the year 2000 NBA Draft. Chosen by the LA Clippers, Miles was the third overall pick that year and he played for two consecutive seasons with them. Later on Miles played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and he was traded in 2004 to the Portland Trail Blazers.

The 2005 season was the career highlight for Miles; in this season alongside with the Blazers, he scored 47 points in a single game against the Denver Nuggets. During the same season Miles averaged 18.1 points only in the first 15 games but he injured his knee and was out for the remaining of the season. Afterwards, Miles had the surgery that left him out of the game for another two seasons. Due to this problem his career was at the verge of ending and the Portland Blazers decided to release him last April.

Even though, Miles decided to try once again with the Celtics, during the summer he signed a non-guarantee contract with Boston which gave him the chance to compete for a spot in the team during the training camp before the season starts. As we can see this NBA player does not give in so easily and that is a great thing, especially because he has great potential and if he recovers, he still has a lot to give to the sport of basketball.

Miles had showed his talent and skills while playing for the L.A. Clippers and the Blazers and we know he has lots of faith and determination and he could obtain a spot in the Celtics. It is very likely we will see much of Miles in the coming weeks playing great basketball and winning points for his new team.

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