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Nba Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics is a professional basketball team that is located in Boston. They are a member of the seven members Atlantic Division of the East Conference in the National Basketball Association. The owner, coach and the general manager of the team are Wycliffe Grousbeck, Doc Rivers and Danny Ainge respectively. The team was established in 1946. They play at the Fleet Center in Massachusetts wearing green and white colored uniforms. They have recorded the most number of NBA Championships for any NBA franchise. In addition they have belted nineteen conference titles and twenty five Division titles.
They were dominant through 1959-1966 and bagged eight straight titles which is the longest streak of wins for any sports team till present. In fact all through the 1950’s to 1980’s the team was dominant in the league and managed to make it to the playoffs several times. But after the tragic demise of their draft pick Bias only a couple of days after the drafting the team started to decline and managed to make it to the playoffs only four times during 1996-2007. But 208 saw a strong comeback from the team and it is in a dominating situation after they acquired Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen post the 2007 season.
Off their 16 NBA championship titles since their inception they won eight of them between 1959 and 1966. At that time some of the star players that were included in the team were Bob Cousy, Sam Jones and Bill Sharman. The forwards were John Havlicek and Frank Ramsey whereas the center featured Bill Russell. The team was coached by Red Auerbach. With this impressive combination the team became strong again and belted the 1974 NBA title. Another championship title followed in 1976 against opponents the Phoenix Suns.
 At the time of those championships Tommy Heinsohn was the coach for the team. The selection of Larry Bird was made in the 1978 NBA Draft. Later Kevin McHale who was another draft pick was added along with Robert Parish who was acquired. All of these three players made a place for themselves in the future Hall of Fame. They continued their dominance and captured the 1981 NBA Championship a couple of years after these drafts.
They have been pitted against the Los Angeles Lakers ten times in the NBA Finals and their rivalry is well established and well known in the professional basketball history. All through the 80s when things were heated between them they bagged 8 of the NBA Championships in the decade; with the Lakers winning 5 and the Celtics winning 3 of them. In 2006 season acquisition of the forward Wally Szczerbiak, and the centers Michael Olowokandi and Dwayne Jones was made. At present an average record is displayed by the Celtics. The coach is Danny Ainge who is trying to rebuild the team that is headed by Captain Paul Pierce who is believed to be by far the best basketball career. Some of the other talented young players included in the team are Gerald Green, Ryan Gomes, and Orien Greene.

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