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NBA Boston Celtics Podcast: Should the Celtics Draft Markelle Fultz


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  • Fultz over EVERYONE. He's like Myles Garrett, you can not pass on him no matter what your team needs

  • Markelle is our future. He is a talented scorer with the physical tools to be an elite defender. We have to draft him at #1. He could be our next franchise piece. My main concern is his leadership and clutch ability. But we will not know that until he finally starts to play in the NBA and is put in those kinds of situations. I agree that the Celtic culture will be great for this kid, and he will not have as much pressure to perform right away because he is being brought onto a playoff contender from the moment he enters the league. I believe that Brad Stevens could coach him into a future Celtic hall of famer if everything works out for the best.

  • Most of Fultz weaknesses such as defense and shot selection were due to the fact that he was the only offensive threat in Washington. He will get IMMENSELY better when he gets viable teammates

  • We need to draft Fultz. We need to build around Fultz, Brown, and next year's draft pick. Hopefully Thomas and Bradley will take pay cuts to stay with the Celtics. I don't see them wanting to play anywhere else.