Boston Celtics

Melissa & Brandon – Lovestory + Same Day Edit // Baton Rouge + Houston

So Brandon is an NBA power-forward, currently playing with the Boston Celtics. So with some of us being pretty avid NBA fans, that prospect was a pretty exciting element of this wedding. What we didn’t know to expect, was just how much of a blast we would have with Melissa and Brandon. They are one of those couples that just keep you smiling and laughing the entire time.

They had us travel out to Baton Rouge to film on the LSU campus with their whole family. We were so excited with how we all clicked. We knew their film would be something special. The concept was to create their lovestory / family story, and merge that with actual wedding day footage. The final video would play at the reception of their wedding and tell a complete story of their lives and love coming together.

We were really thankful to be able to tell this story. This is one super-charming couple, and we hope you enjoy!

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