Kyrie Irving SICK Reverse Lay-Up vs. the Celtics | 03.01.17

Cleveland Cavaliers point guard Kyrie Irving drives baseline and finishes the nasty reverse lay-up against the Boston Celtics.

19 thoughts on “Kyrie Irving SICK Reverse Lay-Up vs. the Celtics | 03.01.17

  1. Keus Vap0r

    Really smooth, NEXT LEVEL SHIT !!! . THE REVERSE SPIN iNSANE. No one apart from kyrie can spin the ball this crazy.

  2. John Smith

    Smoothest finisher in the game man. I'm telling you guys this is not even human. The amount of body control and finesse needed to do this is insane.

  3. MaccBoii

    funny thing is, kyrie isnt even the biggest guy in the league. How does he have all that upper body strength? huhh? How Sway?

  4. DUD3 X 21

    Best play of the game hands down. Still Good game Celtics/celtics fans you guys just proved that there's competition in the east

    -Cavs fan

  5. Dan Smith

    U guys should spend some money and go see kyrie's dribbling & finishes @ a cavs game. it's INCREDIBLE !!. His dribbling speed, control, creativity & moves are NEXT LEVEL compared to other point guards like steph.

  6. AngelDMR 90Daychallenge

    people love MJ becouse he was the creator of a lot of sick plays but This move beats Michael jordans switch hand layup man.. jus look at the beauty….

  7. Aubrey Edwards

    kyrie irving best offensive player in basketball…. this dude sick with it…. I would be a cavs fan but spoiled cry baby James is there….

  8. momandbro8

    Kyrie is so disrespectful. He slapped Horford on the ass at 0:25 before making the layup. Shout-out to the Road Trippin crew.


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