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Jaylen Brown plays in NBA Africa Game: Highlights from Boston Celtics wing’s performance

Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown played in the 2017 NBA Africa Game on Saturday, helping Team World claim a 108-97 win. Brown scored 15 points on 6-for-10 shooting, making a 3-pointer in three attempts and two of his five free throws.

The game itself wasn’t very serious — no one went particularly hard, although Brown did try for a couple of poster dunks (none of them successful). He made a few phenomenal plays as well, so below is the highlight reel.

Brown throws down a huge windmill

Someone overreacting might say something like, “If Brown is going to make it in this league, he will need to learn to show respect in the closing seconds of a game that’s already decided. Windmill dunks, things of that nature. Preposterous.”

The reasonable reaction: It’s an exhibition game, so who cares. Look at the shiny dunk!

Brown does a weird spin move midair and still finishes

It’s unclear whether the turn-around-midair-then-chuck-it-over-your-head play will ever be a consistent part of Brown’s arsenal, but if it is, it will certainly be difficult to stop.

Brown tosses it off the glass to Andre Drummond

“Boston Celtics point guard Jaylen Brown” has a nice ring to it (Brown also managed to turn it over five times in an exhibition game, so that might not be on the horizon any time soon).

Brown tried it

Salah Mejri has more guts than most of us.

The Rest of the Best

Here’s the full reel, courtesy of the NBA. Make sure to take note of the third play included in that video, in which Brown buries a pull-up corner 3-pointer off the dribble. Brown’s shooting performance wasn’t particularly inspiring — his continued struggles at the line might be cause for concern (except not really because, again, exhibition game) — but that shot looked smooth and natural.

Brown seemed to enjoy his time in Africa, which is pretty cool. The NBA Africa Game seems like a really good opportunity for the players and the league, but especially for the fans.

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