Detroit Pistons Beat Boston Celtics 121-114 Pistons Stepping Up

5 thoughts on “Detroit Pistons Beat Boston Celtics 121-114 Pistons Stepping Up

  1. Victor Mahabir

    Hey man beast I am a piston fan myself. They are improving a bit. Drummond needs to be more of a shot blocking presence. 1.1 BPG is unacceptable for a centre. He should be denying over 2 shots a game. I wanted to ask you your thoughts of small ball? I don't like it. The warriors should always be required to play their bigs. Its like playing 5 7footers at once. People consider Draymond Green a centre, but no way. He does not even play like one. Did you know ESPN made a ridiculous list? They rank Curry as the 23rd greatest player and the 4th greatest player of all time. Golden State is overrated. They rely too much on the 3 ball. Without it they have no alternative. Watch a video called The 1966-67 Philadelphia 76ers would SMASH the Golden State Warriors by my man MICHAEL SOWELL. Its an awesome vid. Take care.


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