Deadline Deals for the Nba Trade Deadline

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19 of the NBA’s 30 teams made trades last season in February. In all, 43 players changed uniforms moving around from team-to-team, division-to-division, and conference-to-conference. Although this season hasn’t had as much moves, their has still been just as much talk as last season, keeping ALL fans ears open from each team. There probably won’t be as many players moving this season, but there are sure to be several big moves changing teams identities from different perspectives. I’m going to give you several teams that need, and are looking to trade in the next month. I will also give you 10 players likely to be moved. Please leave a comment of your opinion, rate it, and if you really enjoyed it please nominate it.

Top 10 players to be moved in the upcoming month.

10.Earl Watson: Watson is the kind of player who will appeal to a contender looking for experience during the stretch run. Russell Westbrook is breaking out of his shell and is emerging as the starter. Watson is sick of playing with rebuilding teams. Several teams that may be interested in Watson are the Celtics, Nuggets, and the Hawks.

9.Wally Szczerbiak: Wally is currently under a 13 million dollar contract. This makes him appealing to teams looking for salary cap relief. He hasn’t been getting as much time since in Cleveland, and he still has the three point touch shooting it 37% from the 3-point line this season. IF Cleveland is looking for a trade, Wally is likely a centerpiece to be used in one.

8.Nick Collison/Chris Wilcox: I definitely see one of these two leaving OKC in the next month. Oklahoma just has far too many forwards. If Oklahoma is looking to get something for one of these two, Collison would probably be the better one to let go. Wilcox is a very underrated 10/10 type of player. Either one of these big man would be a good fit to a franchise as both are good young hustle players.

7.Ramon Sessions: Sessions has played well for the Bucks, but Luke Ridnour is the No. 1 point guard. Sessions is the backup and Milwaukee does not want to give him a new contract this summer that is worth starter’s money — perhaps as much as $5-6 million a year. He’s only 22, so he could very easily improve and become a face in a franchise. He’d be perfect to observe and learn on for another year or so with a veteran PG right by his side. He could find these circumstances in Denver, Dallas, and Philadelphia.

6.Mike Conley Jr.: Memphis’ Mike Conley Jr. is a former No. 4 overall pick. But he has lost the starting job to Kyle Lowry, a late first-rounder in 2006 who has helped the Grizzlies become more competitive as the season has progressed. Conley is available because Lowry has outplayed him, but his trade value remains high because of his potential and a relatively palatable contract. I don’t see Conley so focused on contending for a championship yet, but instead just getting minutes.

5.David Lee: Forward David Lee will attract interest, as his stats have sky-rocketed since D’Antoni has put his offensive system in. The Knicks might be willing to let him go, since he’s due for a high-cost contract extension, the Knicks may have to give him up if they still hope to get Lebron in 2010. Averaging 15 points a night and 10 boards, New York would certainly like to receive something for giving him up.

4.Carlos Boozer: Boozer has been a man of much trade talk this season. Before any real offers pour in, Utah and teams interested would like to see Boozer back on the court. Boozer did play well in the six weeks he played this season, averaging 20 points and 11 boards per game. Among those games, he only played 2 with Deron Williams. How he comes off his injury will determine his fate.

3.Raymond Felton: Charlotte point guard Raymond Felton is a likely target of several suitors. Felton was the No. 5 pick in the 2005 draft, taken just behind Utah’s Deron Williams and New Orleans’ Chris Paul. While he is not considered in their class at this stage of his career, he has been effective. One problem, Charlotte coach Larry Brown likes rookie point guard D.J. Augustin, who now looks like the Bobcats’ long-term quarterback. That could make Felton a valuable chip in the poker game leading up to the deadline, since Charlotte could use more size and perimeter shooting.

2.Shawn Marion: The Heat would like to trade small forward Shawn Marion, and his $17 million expiring could interest some teams. The Heat have a few too many forwards jockeying for playing time. Marion is currently involved in some trade talks with the #1 player on my list. They are likely to finalize a trade once the number one player is healthy.

1. Jermaine O’Neal: In Toronto, the Raptors are “very motivated” to trade veteran center Jermaine O’Neal. The improvement of young power forward Andrea Bargnani has made O’Neal expendable. Toronto wants to play Chris Bosh inside and Bargnani on the perimeter — like the Jazz do with Carlos Boozer and Memo Okur. With O’Neal in the game and playing on the low post, Bosh ends up away from the basket, where he is less effective. Bosh and O’Neal just seem to get in each other’s way. Marion could play the Small Forward position, much like he did in Phoenix where he had most of his success. Jermaine can play the Center spot in Miami giving the other forwards more playing time, including rookie Michael Beasley.

Honorable mentions: Eddy Curry (New York), Channing Frye (Portland), Raef LaFrentz (Portland), Corey Maggette (Golden State), Rashad McCants (Minnesota), Andres Nocioni (Chicago), Josh Howard (Dallas), and Brad Miller (Sacramento)

Now for several teams that I think truly need a trade to get back in the mix within their division.

3. Toronto Raptors- Need another jump shooter. They have the physical presence and good point guard, but are lacking that one sharp shooter to compliment Chris Bosh, and relieve him of double-teams. Man like Jason Terry, Shawn Marion, Raja Bell, and Rudy Gay.

2. Dallas Mavericks- Need Big man. Dampier is aging and Dirk Nowitzki is more of a shooting forward than physical forward. In order to keep up with inside monsters like Ming, Duncan, Gasol/Bynum, Shaq/Stoudamire they need a trade. Man like Tyson Chandler, Samuel Dalembart, and Marcus Camby.

1. Boston Celtics- They’re missing out on there 6th man. James Posey is proving to be a bigger asset last year than earlier believed. They need a big time 6th man with experience and leadership. Man like Marquis Daniels, Trevor Ariza, and Ronnie Brewer.

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