College Basketball’s Most Horrific Moments

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Just like with any other sport, scandals and tragedies are abundant and unrelenting. Story after story appears in all forms of media, and yet each sport still flourishes with popularity. One sport that has an increasing popularity despite its sometimes horrible past is college basketball. Here are the top four most horrific moments in college basketball history.

o In 1991 three University of Las Vegas players were photographed in a hot tub with Richie the fixer Perry. After pleading guilty for committing sports bribery, Richie Perry spent a year in prison-among many other earlier convictions. This lone photograph took the basketball world by surprise. Tarkanian, the coach, was completely appalled that his players were hanging out with someone of Perry’s reputation. Eventually, due to some other circumstances, Tarkarnian was forced to resign in 1992.

o In 1990 Kevin Mackey, the Cleveland State coach was arrested. A tip had come in that Mackey was doing crack inside a notorious crack house. Police and reporters both responded and found Mackey coming out of the crack house with a prostitute.

o Len Bias was a very promising player, and was described as a “taller, stronger version of Michael Jordan”. But sadly, his basketball career was cut short when he was found dead (1986) from a cocaine overdose. This all happened just two days after the Boston Celtics made him number two in the NBA draft.

o Patrick Dennehy, another promising player, mysteriously disappeared. A few weeks later, his body turned up, and then his teammate Carlton Dotson admitted to the murder. It was a very tragic time for college basketball, and yet no one even looked towards his coach, Dave Bliss. But with some other tension on college basketball, an intensive investigation took place. Some very disturbing things turned up, including Bliss commenting that he kind of set Dennehy up. He was talked about starting rumors that Dennehy sold drugs-to explain the money that was being slipped to him with Bliss’s help. He also said that Dennehy would never be able to defend himself since he is dead.

Even though there has been horrible event after horrible event, college basketball seems to heal itself, move on, and gain even more popularity. Now, college basketball is a force to be reckoned with-with a major search volume for free college basketball picks. It seems that college basketball has a bright future ahead of them-let’s just hope that things get better and they continue on their path out of the muck.

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