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Boston Celtics Need More Shooting out of Al Horford and Kelly Olynyk

The Boston Celtics need to look at Horford and Olynyk to start taking their offense to the next level

The Boston Celtics have two of the most unique weapons in the league with deadly stretch fives in Al Horford and Kelly Olynyk. They have proven to be arguably the two best three point shooters on the team, and they are a matchup nightmare for any opponent. The Celtics have thrived with an aggressive mentality and many players on the team have embraced that, sometimes too much.

The key for any player on the Celtics is balancing that aggression with smart decision making. The Celtics have fuorished with some of the best ball movement in the league. The Celtics need willing passers and it is remarkable that they have two centers that can also be play makers as distributors on top of their shooting. The problem, however, is that as valuable as their passing can be, it is concerning that Olynyk and Horford appear to be the two least aggressive players on the team when it comes to taking three point shots. That could be something helping their shooting percentage, but it is limiting their overall impact.

The Celtics never want Horford or Olynyk to go too far away from that ball movement and play making ability, but they have not shot with the same kind of aggressiveness that any guard on the team or even Jae Crowder has. The Celtics are seeing their weaker shooters take more shots, while Horford and Olynyk continue to be pass first more often than expected.

In search for that ideal balance that Isaiah Thomas has become a master of, both Olynyk and Horford need to be taking more shots, and make sure that they are having an impact with their three point shooting in every game.

The Celtics know that they need to continue to improve this season, and both Horford and Olynyk have found a way to be great contributors. Neither of them want to sacrifice what they are already doing, but a higher usage rate for either could bring the extra opportunities that they need. The problem is that those extra opportunities will not be given to them. They need to assert themselves on offense and take the responsibility to expand the impact they have on the game.

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