Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics Looking Forward To The Draft

The Boston Celtics has the second worst season in their history and now they have something to look forward to. They will get the chance for the first pick in the NBA draft.

Fifty years after winning their first championship, the Celtics had a miserable season with injuries and inconsistent play from young players that saw them lose 18 games on a trot, the longest in their franchise history. The Celtics finished the season with 24-58. In their last 11 games, they went 2-9, with the two wins coming by just 2 points.

Celtics executive director of basketball operations, Danny Ainge, said that the team did not come together and never played to its full potential.

Coach Doc Rivers has just one season left in his contract and wants an extension. He thinks that the Celtics have the ability to show a great improvement next season. Rivers said that with the health of the players improving and a little improvement in the roster would make the Celtics a playoff team.

The Celtics might just get the chance if they win the first pick in the draft lottery on May 22, 2007. It could bring Greg Oden, Ohio State center, to the team. However, the Celtics have the second worst record in the NBA. Memphis has the worst record with 22-60 and that means the Celtics have just a 19.9 percent chance of getting the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Oden along with Kevin Durant from Texas in most probability will be the top two picks when the draft begins.

The Celtics know that their first round pick in the draft can not be lower than No. 5 but that could be used by them in trade talks as they scout around for a veteran star to join the young team.

In three seasons that Rivers has coached the Celtics, their win total has been dropping constantly from 45 to 33 to 24. This is because of injuries, inexperienced young players and weak defense.

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