Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics: GLOW (2016-2017 Intro Video)

This young Celtics team exudes confidence, swagger and a new generation
of basketball for the city of Boston. Glow takes it’s cues from this young
energy and uses a decidedly futuristic look. Soaring above Boston, we start
to see glowing lights and trails flicker on and flow through the streets as we
fly through the air. We see close ups of players getting ready, glowing ear buds in their ears
and lights seemingly coming from within. Intercut we are above the players in a futuristic projected environment, they are dribbling on a floor with projected glowing green lines which are
designed to imitate the legendary parquet pattern on the court at the
Garden. The players themselves have custom typography projected onto their skin and their uniforms, to
bring the movement of the floor into their bodies, almost activating them
into movement. Player highlights incorporate the high tech flooring and lighting from the
shoot into the arena, with the floor being replaced in VFX by the high tech
parquet and the green light energy flowing visually through the players as
they soar through the air.


Boston Celtics

Jake Wendling – Director of Game Presentation & Events
Steven Gadsden – Producer of Game Presentation & Events

The Famous Group

Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
Producer: Brian Grigsby
Creative Directors: Lauren Fisher & Steve Davis
Editor: Steve Davis

Animators: Lauren Fisher, Andres Barajas, Luis Gonzalez, Skye Estes
Designers: Lauren Fisher, John Lin, Ryan Levitus

Production Crew:

Producer: Steve Oare
Production Super: Adam Whaley-Tobin
2nd AC / Data: Shawn Gauvain
Gaffer: Carlos Bermudez
Director of Photography: Connor O’Brien
BB Electric: Deidre Lally
Electric: Derek Whittington
Key Grip / Jib: Wally Argo
BB Grip: Malachi Bibel
Grip: John Kaplan
Sound: David Williams
PA: Jared Larner, Alberto Santos, Owen Miller
5 Ton: Bob Nadrowski