Boston Celtics

Boston Celtics | 2017-18 NBA Preview (#4)

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Huge inspiration from Grantland, Bill Simmons & Jalen Rose, covering the 2017-2018 NBA Preview!
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  • Don't sleep on Gordon's Defence. The Jazz also weren't gonna make the play-offs in 2016, and didn't play extremely hard against Kobe in his last game. Not taking anything from Kobe but it was sort of handed to him

  • Celtics will be top dog in the east, i don't care about the Cavs, they are irrelevant going forward, nothing in the EAST will bother Boston

  • Bro they lost 11/15 players, kyrie is bad when lebron isn't on the court, they lost all their defense and depth, how are they gonna have the best record in the east 💀💀💀💀, the first 2 months will literally be them learning how to play together

  • Just saying, kyrie is 25, more athletic, a better player in general, and taller. Isaiah has 2-3 relevant years left in his career considering once he's older and slower, he's gonna be too easy to guard. Even though I'm a huge IT fan, and a Celtics fan, I'm positive this trade works out better for the future of the Celtics. With the amount of rookies we have rhe 2018 nets pick doesn't really matter as we have a rookie/ young player to fill each position, other than the 5, but I'm sure danny ainge is pulling something out of his ass to get us a better big on the bench.

  • the celtics aint winning more games than the cavs..Lebron will be pissed and will try to go for the MVP and you got to remember that the celtics are basically a new team… 4 new starters. It will take some time to built chemistry

  • I don't really think you're into Gordon Hayward. Also he isn't a horrible defender, he and Kyrie will learn to defend better if this team is making it out of the east

  • Avery and Crowder was such a great defenders that losing them feel like losing the whole team defense. I got to say, we are still a good defensive team. Have you guy seen Jaylen who is projected to start at the 2 guard defense? He's not on AB's level(no one is) but is very good. Smart is still here. Hayward's defense is decent. We will be okay.

  • You got it backwards. Cleveland won the trade for now, Boston won the trade for the future with a younger taller better version of Isaiah. On top of opening up more minutes for brown and Tatum.

  • Really good video. I agree on most points except one. I expect Jaylen Brown to start at the 2 immediately. Marcus Smart is one of the best play makers on the team, so having 3 play makers in the starting lineup with Irving, Smart, and Hayward (also Horford too) seems like too much imbalance to me. I think with the playmaking on the starting lineup, Jaylen playing a 3&D role in the starting lineup would fit perfectly. Jaylen showed improvement as a defender last year, and while he's not an A+ defender like Smart is, he should be able to at least stay in front of his man and hit the open 3.

    Additionally, Smart being on the bench will give the bench a play maker. I'm not 100% sold on Rozier being that yet, maybe he'll grow into it through the year.

  • They will be fine defensivley. Smart, Brown, Morris, Hayward, Rozier can all defend. Plus Baynes and Horford arent exactly weak on defense either. Smart, Morris is equal to or slightly less than Bradley and Crowder. Brown might be even better this year too.

  • Boston Celtics don't need Smart's offense, the Big 3 (Horford, Hayward, & Kyrie) can provide enough. Golden State & San Antonio uses the 2-Guard to protect their PG, same thing with Smart.

  • Look up Marcus Morris defensive success vs lebron. He is bigger, longer, and more athletic than crowder. Smart is still one of the best defensive players in the league. Horford and Hayward are good team defenders. Jaylen brown is going to be a great defender. Rozier is a very good defender. Daniel Theis is a good defender and semi ojele projects to be a very good versatile defender