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Avery Bradley is the Boston Celtics’ Next All Star

Avery Bradley has proven himself to be a worthy All-Star 

Even though the  Boston Celtics are in constant pursuit of a franchise player, it is possible another All-Star has been found in Avery Bradley.

Avery Bradley is the Next Star

Dec 7, 2016; Orlando, FL, USA; Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley (0) Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The twenty-six year old shooting guard has had an admirable career year this season, as he has so far recorded nine double doubles this season, while also leading the Celtics in rebounds per game.

Bradley has made vast improvements in his game, elevating his averages significantly from last year.

Compared to last season, Bradley has improved his three-point shooting percentage from 36.1% to 41.1% and has also raised his field goal percentage from 44.7% to 47.9%. While that is not a huge differential, it has been noticed through the season so far.

Bradley’s rebounding has also drastically improved from 2.1 rebounds per game (RPG) to an impressive 7.3 rebounds per game. On another note, his points per game have gone up from 15.2 to 17.8 which is a career high.

This year has also been the year that Bradley has made himself a more vocal leader for the team whether he is making a play, or calling out to his teammates.

Ever since he was drafted by the Celtics in the summer of 2008, Bradley (who is currently the longest tenured Celtic) has been a key player for this team.

“…he’s a big part of what we’re doing.”-Brad Stevens on the importance of Bradley

It is also notable to observe that Bradley is in a good position to make his way to the All-Star game this year, seeing that J.R. Smith has now been expected to miss 12-14 weeks of action as he must receive thumb surgery.

This year could be the year in which the league takes notice of Bradley and his refined talents.

Bradley has proven that he has taken his game to the next level, and is continuing to improve. The Celtics may still need a true superstar to contend for a title; however, it is clear that their next star is among them already.


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