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A Short Version of the Long New York Knicks History

Since becoming one of the NBA’s original teams, the New York Knicks have had tremendous success in the NBA. They have played in numerous playoffs, and have won two NBA championships.

Who are the New York Yankees of the NBA? The Boston Celtics have won 16 NBA Championships, while the Los Angeles/Minneapolis Lakers have won 14. However, another New York team, the New York Knicks, has also achieved much success in the NBA. Its accomplishments include:

• 38 playoff appearances
• 7 division titles
• 16 Conference Finals appearances
• 8 NBA Finals appearances
• 2 NBA Championships

The New York Knickerbockers were one of 11 of the original NBA teams that played in the league’s premiere 1946-1947 season. “Knickerbockers” refers to the Dutch settlers that moved from the Netherlands to (modern) New York, during the 1600s. It also refers to their signature pants, which wearers could roll up to slightly below the knees.

The Knicks’ first season was relatively successful, though they lost their season opener, 68-66. They ended their first season by earning a 33-27 record. They won the first playoff series against the Cleveland Rebels (2-1); but then lost in the Conference Finals, against the Philadelphia Warriors (2-0).

The New York Knicks’ 14th trip to the NBA playoffs was a charm. During 1969-1970, Knicks player Willis Reed earned the NBA MVP award. Willis led the Knicks to an outstanding 60-22 record.

In the playoffs, the Knicks won a war in their series against the Baltimore Bullets (4-3), and then won a waterloo after tangling with the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conference Finals (4-1). During the NBA Finals, the Knicks faced the powerful Los Angeles Lakers and Wilt Chamberlain. With the series knotted up at 3-3, the Knicks’ injured star, Willis Reed, hobbled onto the court. Reed’s only points of the game were also the team’s first 4 points. Nevertheless, his two buckets motivated the Knicks to a 113-99 victory, and their first NBA championship.

After losing the NBA Finals to the Los Angeles Lakers during 1971-1972 season (4-1), the Knicks earned another opportunity during the next season. They completed their 1972-1973 regular season campaign, with an outstanding 57-25 record.

The playoffs were next. The Knicks deflected the Baltimore Bullets in their first playoff round (4-1). After taking a 3-1 series lead, the Knicks needed seven games to finish off the Boston Celtics (4-3). In the second consecutive year, the Knicks faced the Lakers in the NBA Finals. However, the outcome would be different this time. After losing Game 1, the Knicks stormed back to win both the series (4-1), and their second NBA championship.

Throughout their long and amazing history, the Knicks have retired eight players’ jersey numbers:

Dick Barnett – #12 (Guard): 1965-1974
Bill Bradley – #24 (Forward): 1967-1977
Dave DeBusschere – #22 (Forward): 1968-1974
Patrick Ewing – #33 (Center): 1985-2000
Walt Frazier – #10 (Guard): 1967-1977
Dick McGuire – #15 (Guard): 1949-1957
Earl Monroe – #15 (Guard): 1971-1980
Willis Reed – #19 (Center): 1964-1974

For over six decades, the New York Knicks have represented the Big Apple. Use New York Knicks merchandise to cheer on the men in shorts, whose team honors a special type of pants.

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