Boston Celtics

1986 ECF Game 4 Boston Celtics@Milwaukee Bucks – Bird & McHale vs Moncrief & Pressey


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  • Hey wait a flippin second take other guys' request right away, but mine has to wait until AFTER Christmas? :((( Better late than never, like I said..but, still..nonetheless though, thank you so much for uploading classic games in their entirety.

  • Great upload. Love the satellite feed games. Any chance you could re-up it in a higher quality? The best I can view it is 240. And more Bird games please….awesome stuff!!!

  • Always thought it was weird the Mecca court has red paint when the team color is green! Love the old arenas before every stadium is named for a stupid company.

  • Bird in this game was unbelievable. Just toying with the Bucks = that was 5 three pointers to seal the game in the fourth quarter = Legend. Just go home its over- ha!