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What's Going on in the 2010 NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs?

The 2010 NBA playoffs have had their moments of highs and lows. Here is a quick look at everything that has gone down in the Eastern Conference bracket.

The Orlando Magic played the Charlotte Bobcats, in what was the Bobcats' first playoff series ever. I was pulling for the Bobcats in this one as they have a lot of likable players. The Magic came out on a mission, however, and it was never really close. The Magic swept this series with a mission to return to the Finals.

The Cleveland Cavaliers matched up with the Chicago Bulls in what should have been a great matchup. The Bulls made noise last year by taking the Celtics to 7 games, however this year the Cavs did not underestimate them. I suspect we will hear from this Bulls team for the next few years.

The Celtics and Heat had the writings of a great matchup, Wade vs. the Big Three. Apparently Wade is content with his 1 championship ring and I do not see him getting close to an NBA finals again, unless the Heat management stirs the pot this off season. The Celtics took this one in 5 games.

Surprisingly, the best matchup of this series ended up being the Milwaukee Bucks vs. the Atlanta Hawks. The Bucks are a quietly dangerous team and Brandon Jennings has a bright future in Milwaukee. This was the only series that went to 7 games and the Hawks were fortunate to win, but that's where their playoff fortunes would end.

In the Eastern Conference semi-finals, the Magic absolutely decimated the Hawks. The Hawks had no gas left in the tank after going 7 deep with the Bucks and were embarrassed with record-setting point-margin losses. A victory for the Magic.

On the other side of the bracket, the Cavs faced the Celtics. Everyone thought the Celtics were too beat up, too old and that Lebron was too good for the Celtics to take this one. In an absolute shocker, the Celtics took this one in 6 games and quite possibly ended James' reign in Cleveland.

Now the Eastern Conference finals are going on and it looks like it is all but over. The Magic managed to win the last one to make it go to five games, but it seems like the Celtics are destined to get back to the finals.

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