Atlanta Hawks

Sports BIT | Oklahoma City Thunder vs Atlanta Hawks | Betting Preview

13th straight game with a court change for Atlanta, is this going to affect them as they host the Thunder today? Teddy and Pauly have the answer for you to get your NBA picks ready! Top NBA Sportsbooks:

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Automated Video Transcription:

game number two nite live odds sportsbook
review dot-com no early line as we
tape this Hawks take on the Thunder
Thunder off the big win last night
ridiculous schedules catching up to the
hawks will be 13 straight court change
in 17 and 18 games they’re 1 and 9 straight
up and two an ats the last ten what’s going
on here with Dwight Howard E they’ve
been getting blown no Millsap in some of
these last few games but I don’t like
this quote by Dwight Howard your
teddy hawks not playing good ball
yeah and Millsaps the question mark here
that’s why we have no overnight line on
this body will see something in the next
hour 2 i’m sure like we do every day in
the NBA but it’s not unusual not to have
a line on some of these contests very
early in the morning when we tape
you know you talk about the schedule yet
the schedule is problematic when you
have 13 straight games with a chord
change 17 18 games that’s no good but
with Dwight Howard right now where the
Hawks defense was so good that first 10
games are so in the season and it’s been
so bad lately you wonder is this Dwight
Howard disease this screams 1 and 9 straight
up their last ten two and eight ats in those
games 3 of the losses have been ugly
blow-up with a flat-out quit by 27 or
more last year Atlanta number of losses
by 27 points or more than a big fat
goose egg
alright last two games there minus 80 on
the scoreboard minus seventy three
against the spread in two games
you know
here’s to Dwight Howard quote you were
referencing you know we just have to
stop getting frustrated with each other
we’re going to make mistakes we’re gonna
have tough situations on the floor and
it showed
I think we need to do a little
better job holding her composure and
understand that it won’t be like
this the whole season things will get
we just have to say with it stay
together and keep our heads high

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