Hassan Whiteside Injury Against Atlanta Hawks – February 01, 2017

Hassan Whiteside grabs the rebound and is thrown to the ground by Taurean Prince causing a skirmish between the Heat and Hawks. Tauren Prince and James Johnson would be ejected. Dion Waiters is assessed a technical foul in the aftermath as well.

Date: February 01, 2017

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7 thoughts on “Hassan Whiteside Injury Against Atlanta Hawks – February 01, 2017

  1. Maurice Zackery

    Not the foul they think it is. Whiteside fell. Prince's hand just happened to be on his arm with one also behind his back. He probably should have held him up with the hand on his back. When he removed it, it looks like he's throwing him to the floor.

  2. BillyBadA**

    the first time I watched it I thought printed slammed him down. Yet it wasn't a hard foul at all. Hassan is my favorite player so I'm not bias.


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