Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks Open Court Projection

While working with The Famous Group we shot and created visuals for the ground breaking Atlanta Hawks open video for the 2014-2015 season, coordinating the end boards, center hung scoreboard, and the newly installed 3D court projection system. The court footage and the audio are from the Hawks opening game 11/1/14 at Philips Arena.

Other court projection projects I had seen seemed to treat the optical illusion fun and the team spirit building and storytelling separately. I set out to create a court projection that married the medium and the message by incorporating green screen visuals that were shot specifically for the court projection and visual effects that weaved between the players world, the city and the fans.


Client: Atlanta Hawks
Vice President, Production and Creative: David Schindler
Campaign: 3D Court Projection Mapping
Production Company: The Famous Group, LA/NY
ECD: Greg Harvey
Executive Producer: Andrew Isaacson
Art Director: Lauren Fisher
Producer: Nick Molo
Editor: Steve Davis
Designer: Jose Guadrado
Animator: Mike Cahill
Animator: Lauren Fisher
Animator: Daniel Miller
Animator: Luis Gonzalez
Live Action Director: Lauren Fisher
Director of Photography: Connor O’Brien
Line Producer: Stan Sawicki
Music by Glitch Mob
Court Projection by Quince Imaging
Producer: CJ Davis
Technician: Eric Gazillio

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