Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks: Ex Machina, Court Projection 2015

Hawks ‘Ex Machina’ revolves around the concept of a state-of-the-art “machine” representing the new era of Hawks basketball. Playing off of the idea of the modular nature of the new look, the cg-driven Hawks machine rotates and shifts to become different forms, revealing different eye-popping design elements.

All of the formations are harmonious composition of all things Hawks basketball: the players, cityscape, basketball elements, hawk eyes, feathers, talons, and geographical designs that feature the new Hawks colors.
Live-action footage of the players was treated so their movements echo in the frame, examining their movements in a technical way.

Credit List:

Producer: Kara Toussaint & Nick Molo
Art Director: Lauren Fisher
Animators: Lauren Fisher, Harumi Shibano, Luis Gonzales,
Chris Cahill
Editor: Steve Davis

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