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Atlanta Hawks Basketball: Early 2005 Season Analysis


The worst franchise in sports is the Atlanta Hawks. The Devil Rays do not even try so they're exempt, and the Clippers at least made a profit and are good this year. The Hawks do neither. Atlanta watches the Clippers and Warriors become playoff caliber while they are stuck in last place.

Here are some stats to show how bad they are: 25th in scoring, 22nd in points allowed, 29th in assists, 21st in rebounding, 24th in field goal% and 28th in turnovers to go on top of their worst record in the NBA and worst attendance in the NBA. Atlanta five years ago was old, with Steve Smith, Dikembe Mutumbo and Mookie Blaylock. Since then, they've been really young with at least one highly paid veteran. Whether it was Antoine Walker, Shareef Abdur-Rahim or Glenn Robinson, it did not work out. We should not be surprised that it's failing with Joe Johnson.

Atlanta has a ton of young inexperienced players to build on the future. Josh Smith is not much more than a highlight reel. Al Harrington is a good contributor but is a high schooler himself. Marvin Williams and Josh Childress at least add excitement (on a blue moon) once in awhile. Joe Johnson is a decent player who happened to have a career year under Steve Nash. Personally I hope Johnson fails in Atlanta, to teach kids that being selfish by leaving the best team for the worst team just for the cash and stardom bring karma.

The Hawks are the youngest team in the NBA, which is one reason they're so dismal. It's imperative for a rebuilding team to have a couple veterans to tutor the youngsters through. Atlanta has none, expecting Salim Stoudamire to magically play defense out of thin air. If you're thinking that the fans will cheer them on to victory, you're sadly mistaken. The Falcons have the 2nd lowest NFL attendance and the Braves can not sell out playoff games. Is it surprising the Hawks have the lowest attendance in the League?

Unlike the equally as bad Raptors, the Hawks have not learned from past mistakes. Mistakes like trading Antoine Walker for Gary Payton knowing they'd waive Payton in the end. If they can pull Dominique Wilkins and other greats into the organization, maybe these kids can get better. Until then, they have no place to go but straight.

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