Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks 2014 Gameday Open

The A…ATL…Hotlanta….a town with many nicknames, Atlanta is a famous crossroads steeped in history. A new type of welcoming campaign uses a bold art style to unite Atlanta Hawks fans and the legendary team. Bringing together the famous southern hospitality with an edgy and aggressive Hawks basketball vibe. Welcome to Hawklanta!

For the scenics, our crew ran around Atlanta with real ATL Hawks fans, utilizing GoPro, 16mm and 8mm cameras and a Canon 5D to create the feel of a gritty grassroots movement. All of the players were shot on a green screen sound stage with a RED camera.

For The Famous Group:
Art Director: Lauren Fisher
Editor: Jaron Halmy
Producer: Nick Molo
Director of Photography: Connor O’Brien
Additional Animation: Ken Quemuel

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