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Atlanta Hawks 09-10 Season Preview

The 08'-09 'season for the Atlanta Hawks was bitter sweet for the most part. While the team improved upon their previous season, the playoff perform against the Cleveland Cavaliers was not what the Hawks team hoped for. The Hawks finished second in the Southeast division behind the Orlando Magic with a 47-35 record and were swept in the second round of the playoffs. The win first round win against the Miami Heat was not that impressive either – every win and loss was in the double digits.

The Hawks have a very young team and looking to build even further in the 09'-10 'season. The Hawks were lead by Joe Johnson who averaged nearly 22 points per game in 79 games played. The Hawks also have veteran point guard in Mike Bibby who averaged 15 points per game and 5 assists. Al Horford is one of the best rebounders and shot blockers in the NBA and he will need to have an outstanding season for the Hawks to have more success this year.

It will be very tough to over take the Orlando Magic in the Southeast division this season. While the Magic have some new pieces in place surrounding Dwight Howard – they are still the favorites. One of the major concerns for the Hawks was the lack of scoring on offense – out of the 30 NBA teams the Hawks were 19th in scoring, which for a playoff team is not acceptable. If the Hawks ever hope to reach the Eastern Conference Finals their scoring must improve.

The Eastern Conference has many championship quality teams such as the Boston Celtics, Orlando Magic, Cleveland Cavaliers, the Miami Heat and Philadelphia 76ers should be improved. Coming out of the East wont be easy and the Hawks will have to fight and claw their way through the upcoming season.

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