Atlanta Hawks

1987 ECSF Game 1 Detroit Pistons@Atlanta Hawks – Isiah Thomas vs Dominique Wilkins!

Sorry for very poor quality, but it was recorded from old VHS tape, which already was in poor state. But I think even so bad quality is better than nothing, so enjoy!

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  • And by the way, would you by any chance happen to have the game in this series where Isiah goes in for the dramatic game winning lay up at the Silverdome???

  • Thanks for uploading this!

    It's hard to believe that there was actually a time in the NBA when players got up off the floor themselves, rather than lying there waiting for someone to help them up.

  • I'm surprised that CBS sent Brent Musburger and Billy Cunningham to this game rather than the Golden State/Utah G5 that was being played at the same time. I'm also surprised that CBS aired this game to everywhere  but the West Coast.