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Swiss Basket creates a support fund

The General Assembly of Swiss Basketball decided to create a Covid-19 fund to support “all” of Swiss basketball. It is endowed with 316,000 francs, specifies the Federation in a press release.

Delegates of Swiss Basketball accepted the idea of ​​Giancarlo Sergi.

Source: Keystone

The idea of ​​President Giancarlo Sergi, who wanted to share the benefit of the 2018-2019 financial year (224,000 francs) with the clubs of the 1st Division, was therefore accepted by the delegates present at the House of Sports in Ittigen. The federation has even decided to release an additional amount of 92,000 francs, which allows to build a Covid-19 fund of 316,000 francs.

This money should be used to help the various clubs and regional associations which have suffered the full brunt of the coronavirus crisis, says Swiss Basketball. It will be distributed among the various elite clubs and the nine regional associations in proportion to their number of licensees, it said.

“The management of the federation is sound. We have been building up reserves for a few years for our various projects and it is normal to allow our community to benefit from them, in an exceptional way, in this difficult year ”, explains Giancarlo Sergi in the press release.

Swiss Basketball will also begin a digitalization process in order to make its competitions more visible. The match sheets will thus be digitized for all game categories. The launch of an application providing access to live scores is also planned.