NBA: Rudy Gobert (Utah) feels "better day by day" despite the coronavirus

Utah Jazz's French interior Rudy Gobert warming up before an NBA regular season game against the Los Angeles Lakers in Salt Lake City on December 4, 2019. (hooly News / GEORGE FREY)

French hub for Utah Rudy Gobert, the first NBA player to test positive for coronavirus, said Wednesday he felt "better day by day", although some symptoms persist like loss of smell, in a live Instagram with his ComSport agency.

"I feel better and better. A few days ago, I was out of breath faster than before. At ping-pong for example, or with things that I usually do very easily. Now I'm trying to sleep between 8 and 10 hours a night and I resume my rhythm little by little ", declared the player, appeared tired features, while speaking with his agent Bouna Ndiaye.

Three days ago, Gobert had mentioned on Twitter a loss of taste and smell, which seem to persist in part. "I still haven't found my sense of smell, he said. But the taste is coming back little by little. Yesterday (Tuesday), I ate chicken with a hot sauce to see and I smelled a little bit. So it's starting to come back. "

The 27-year-old pivot nevertheless assured that the disease had not weakened him too much: "I always had an appetite. Except for the first day, the day when I had a fever in Oklahoma City, I ate every day. "

"Gobzilla", which owns a weight room and half a basketball court at its Salt Lake City property, has resumed training "little by little" in preparation for an end of the season with still contours very uncertain, faced with the Covid-19 pandemic that has put sport under the hood in the United States and in the world.

"I try to train every day, yesterday I did a good cardio session, bodybuilding," he said.

The 27-year-old kingpin went from a strong emotion of a first selection to the All-Star Game to affliction in one month, being the NBA "Patient 0" who was more criticized for his negligence during his famous touch joke on phones and microphones at a press conference.

Gobert, who apologized for taking the coronavirus lightly, did not fail to conclude in a positive manner: "We must not fall into fear. It is a test for the whole world at the same time. It’s a good opportunity to show solidarity. We’ll go through all of this together. "

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