NBA Power Rankings: Giannis and Milwaukee Bucks Still Resist One Month of Their Life | Bleacher's report


Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

15. Indiana Pacers (13)

The Pacers are 2-2 in their last four games and have beaten only one of their opponents since Feb. 7.

The committee's approach, with Bojan Bogdanovic admirably managing a heavily used role in place of Victor Oladipo, was a great story. But Indy faces a road trip that will pit the Pacers against Denver, Portland, Golden State and the Clippers from Saturday.

When it's over, expect to see Indiana slide to fifth place in the East.

14. Brooklyn nets (15)

Brooklyn has benefited from a favorable slate to win four of its last five games. The first three wins were won against Dallas, Cleveland and Atlanta. And while Monday's 103-75 win against Detroit looks impressive, the Pistons were playing their third game in four evenings.

The Nets face the toughest schedule in the league, based on the percentage of opposing victories. We will soon see how this recent stretch was real.

13. Detroit Pistons (14)

Adam Spinella, of Basketball Writers, explained how Wayne Ellington unlocked new dimensions in the Detroit attack.

It turns out that the version of JJ Redick's poor man running around the screens, playing an expert transfer game and getting up without worrying about the proximity of the defender works pretty well when Blake Griffin manages the ball.

Who would have guessed?

The Pistons are chasing the doors of their opponents every time Ellington shares the word with Griffin, Andre Drummond, Reggie Jackson and Luke Kennard, even though the general offensive is still deadlocked. See: 25 points in the second half in Wednesday's ugly loss to the Heat.

Even after these 34 points, Detroit still holds a top-five finish since Feb. 1, and likely locked its playoff spot.

12. Portland Trail Blazers (9)

CJ McCollum had a season start of 0-7 to register a fourth quarter at 23 points, outperforming the Clippers over the period to produce the 125-104 win on Tuesday.

This victory gave the Blazers a much needed 2-0 week after the disappointing 1-3 mark. Despite the general mediocrity of the past two weeks, Portland still ranks as the second largest Western country in terms of net score since February 1st.

Rodney Hood's throbbing hip pains have prevented him from playing against the clips, but he should be available for Friday's meeting with New Orleans. Since coming to the Cavs on February 8, he averaged 7.8 points in 21.3 minutes, but the Blazers have a ridiculous score of 14.3 points for 100 properties, without him.

Maybe they should be very careful to bring it back.

11. Utah Jazz (6)

This is a steep drop for the Jazz, which is 3-3 in its last six games. But Clips and Spurs have been much more stable lately, and Utah's last trio of wins has been won by throws opposed to the lottery: New Orleans, Phoenix and Minnesota.

Monday's loss to the Thunder from 98-89 revealed the lack of Jazz blows, as the depth of their guard is worn out by injuries, a key factor in their 18th offense.

More than anything, several teams ranked under Utah last week have either salvaged key pieces, won big wins, or are generally hotter. Fortunately for Utah's seedling hopes, this one has the easiest remaining schedule in the league.