"NBA Youngboy", "Quando Rando" sued for alleged assault by SC


NBA rappers Youngboy and Quando Rando attacked their DJ behind the scenes during a performance in Florence, South Carolina, in December, according to a lawsuit filed this week in Louisiana, The Advocate reports to Baton Rouge.

Carl Capers said he was working as a DJ and was involved in managing the rappers' tour late last year when the two men started hitting him in what the lawsuit called an attack "Unprovoked" and "violent", according to The Advocate.

Kentrell Gaulden, of NBA Youngboy, and Tyquian Bowman, who plays under the name of Quando Rando, have bloodied the man's face and broke one of their teeth, according to the complaint, according to the WAFB.

"During the performance, Gaulden and members of his entourage reportedly fought with a participant who allegedly attempted to tear off the rapper's channel," reports WAFB. The group was transferred backstage and, according to the lawsuit, Bowman would have asked Capers to return "to the site where fighting would be going on to" secure "a member of Bowman's entourage," according to the channel.

What happened after that is not clear from the trial, the lawyer said. But that's when the two men attacked Capers, according to the newspaper.

"Even when Mr. Capers was on the ground and was trying to convince his two attackers to avoid further escalation, Kentrell Gaulden and Tyquian Bowman continued to violently attack Mr. Capers, the artists punching him and hurting him. kicking in the face. and other parts of his body, "says the lawyer in the trial.

The lawsuit indicates that the assault would have occurred on December 21, according to the newspaper. According to the Florence Center, on 21 December the 2k18 Holiday Jam took place. The Florence Center's publicity for this event ranks NBA Youngboy in the lead, as well as "The Taylor Girlz, Rondo Quando, R2R Gutta and Friends".

NBA Youngboy is on probation after pleading guilty to aggravated assault in connection with a roadside shootout, according to an article in The Advocate. According to one newspaper, a judge sentenced Gaulden to a 10-year suspended sentence and three years probation, but has since been arrested several times.

Prosecutors have recently pleaded for the revocation of Gaulden's petition, calling it a "threat to society and the safety of others," the lawyer said.

In February, he was arrested in Atlanta for disorderly driving and possession of marijuana, reports KLFY.

He was also arrested in Florida last month on a domestic violence warrant issued by Georgia, according to The Advocate.