NBA DFS: Marc Gasol and the top pick of 14 March FanDuel, DraftKings daily basketball groups


NBA DFS players will pay close attention to a pair of matches on Thursday, March 14th. The Celtics against the Kings (226) and the Lakers against the Raptors (231) have the most number of overpasses scheduled tonight, according to advertisers. This means that these clashes can be a major offense. And before breaking down those games or any of the other four scheduled games from 3-14-19 to the NBA, start by taking a look at Mike McClure's top NBA DFS picks. He studied the main NBA DFS list tonight and made optimal alignments for Fantasy's daily sports sites such as FanDuel and DraftKings. His NBA DFS tips can help you give you a head start in any Thursday night cash games or tournaments.

McClure is also a Predictive Data Engineer at SportsLine. It uses a powerful forecasting model that simulates every minute of every game 10,000 times, taking into account such factors as confrontations, statistical trends and injuries. This allows him to find the best DFS NBA values ​​and create optimal alignments that he only shares with SportsLine. This is a must for all NBA DFS players.

McClure continues his NBA 2018-1919 season by producing several optimal lineups that have generated huge returns for followers, including up to 40 times on FanDuel and 84 on DraftKings.

McClure is betting on Marc Gasol's Raptors at $ 6,500 on FanDuel and $ 5,900 on DraftKings. He arrives at an extremely affordable price on both sites, but he has great potential tonight in a potentially very successful shootout with the Hawks, one of the worst defensive teams in the league. Although he does not play the same amount of minutes in Toronto as he did for Memphis, Gasol is a solid rebounder. And he has demonstrated his ability to make huge profits for DFS players, like when he returned more than 6 times the value of his back-to-back games earlier this month.

McClure's DFS NBA strategy for Thursday also includes targeting Kings striker Nemanja Bjelica ($ 5,200 on FanDuel, $ 4,900 on DraftKings), who played at least 8 times on both sites during his two last clashes. It will be important to monitor the injury record at the NBA for Thursday as Bjelica's value could fluctuate if Marvin Bagley (knee) is able to play. But with Bagley considered highly questionable, Bjelica has a lot of potential because he is coming out of consecutive doubles doubles.

McClure is also targeting an undervalued player capable of posting big numbers and making a dream match on Thursday. The stars line up to return 50 or even 60 points on both sites, and its price is extremely affordable. This choice could make the difference between winning your tournaments and cash games or going home with nothing.

So, who is the DFS pro, Mike McClure, who will present his optimal lineup of DFS NBA for Thursday? Head over to SportsLine now for the full list of the best NBA tournaments from a professional DFS player who has earned nearly $ 2 million in career winnings, and find out.