Durant – The NBA does not satisfy me, proves who I am


Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant has done just about everything in the NBA, but praise does not really matter to him.

"I do not need anything in this world of basketball to accomplish anything in me," Durant told NBC Sports Bay Area in an interview published on Friday. "The NBA will never fill me in. It will make me feel good about all the work I've done, but I think that on those days, I wanted to prove something to anyone or walk around with a huge token. my shoulder is not my thing.

"It was not before, and I felt I had to program myself to play with a chip on my shoulder, but I'm never good at this situation, I'm more relaxed and let those days go by." I'm the best version of myself, I do not think I need anything to prove who I am, it's been too long since I've been here. "

  • Warrior star Kevin Durant missed his first game of the season on Thursday night against the Magic to rest.

  • Kevin Durant won his second most valuable career player, after helping LeBron return from a 20-point deficit in a 178-164 win over Team Giannis. Durant finished the match with 31 points.

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    Durant has just won his second prize MVP All-Star Game. He has won two NBA championships and has been the most valuable player in the finals twice. The list is long: league MVP (2014), 10 selections of the stars, the rookie of the year, four NBA titles, a gold medal …

    But that does not lead him, he says.

    "Being around the family, being around friends, people who really love you, who will not judge you, who will let you grow mentally, physically, you know, let yourself be who you are." like these environments, "he told NBC Sports Bay Area.

    "I love to keep pushing the limits of my personality, I'm just following the flow of life and the type of people I want to be with, the environment in which I want to live. will fill up more … whatever … just building towards something that is supported when I'm not even here on this Earth. "

    Durant is not expected to join the last year of his contract with the Warriors, worth $ 31.5 million, putting in place free competition this summer.

    "I know the NBA has helped me get there, but I will not be indebted to the NBA as it is a 50/50 exchange," Durant said. "I've worked hard to get here, to be at this level, and they've given me a platform to show what I can do." "We helped each other. that I see things. "