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Stephen Curry became a superstar only after the Warriors traded Monta Ellis.

It may have happened anyway for Curry at Golden State. He is the greatest shooter of all time and it seems unlikely that a teammate who has never been a Star player can get in his way.

But Curry and Ellis were both prominent guards who seemed to be walking on their feet. And we only know what really happened: Golden State traded Ellis to the Bucks against Andrew Bogut in 2012, and Curry took off.

The Warriors might not have helped raise Curry to Ellis.

Milwaukee – according to owner Marc Lasry, who had not yet bought the team and who might not be a reliable source – said the Bucks had rejected a deal against Curry before turning to Ellis. Golden State also had internal problems with Ellis before.

Travis Schlenk, former Warrior leader, now Hawks general manager, on The Woj Pod, as transcribed by Drew Shiller of NBC Sports Bay Area:

"A moment (that) really changed the course of everything – there was a job we wanted to do. And we were sitting with the owner at that time, Chris Cohan. And we said we thought we should do this business – we get two guys, it frees up our ceiling, it will allow the growth of Steph. And Chris said, "We can not do this business. Player X is our most popular player, and season ticket renewals are around the corner. "

"And I was like, you have to make fun of me. We're going to make that decision based on who, according to our fans, should belong to our team, not the guys you hired to form the team? "

Woj then intervenes and says, "It was the Bucks, was not it?

"No, it was not the Bucks," Schlenk replied. "I do not want to name the players. So we did not trade. And later, we were able to interact with this player thanks to Andrew Bogut. And that was obviously a big piece of the championship puzzle.

Cohan sold the Warriors in the summer after Curry's rookie season. So there was a narrow window in which that could have happened. Golden State traded Ellis only a few years later.

Curry would have grown faster with this trade? Would this trade still have attracted the attention of someone as helpful to warriors as Bogut?

There are a lot of schemers "and if" here.

In the end, it worked well for the Warriors. Curry has always become a superstar of the dynasty, Bogut playing a leading role.