Ben Simmons has one of the rarest skills the NBA has ever seen.

It rivals that of Magic Johnson, legend of the Los Angeles Lakers, so the Philadelphia 76ers striker would like to learn from Johnson. Before the match between the Lakers and the Sixers on Sunday, Johnson revealed that Simmons wants to be mentored by him during the off season and that Johnson would be willing to share his knowledge if the league approves of it.

Sixers GM Elton Brand, however, is not interested. "Rob Pelinka called me and said that Ben [Simmons] wanted to talk to the Hall of Fame after the season, "Brand told a Philadelphia radio station. "Magic was on the list. He asked permission … I said no.

On Monday, Brand clarified the situation in a comment to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

"No problem," Brand told ESPN on Monday. "I have a great relationship with Ben and [his agent] Rich [Paul] and we expect him to be Sixer for a long time. He's interested in talking to some of the biggest players in the game and we support him.

"I had a brief dialogue with [Lakers GM] Rob Pelinka, whom I have known for a long time, but nothing is planned. Our collective goal is to make an effort in the post-season.

"Again, we are not sweating – end of story."

In another twist however, the Lakers sent a statement saying it was the Sixers who had approached them about Simmons talking to Johnson.

In any case, the NBA would be involved. according to According to Mike Bass, spokesman for the NBA, the league "seeks to find out if there have been any contacts between Ben Simmons and the Los Angeles Lakers who have violated NBA rules."

It should be noted that Simmons is represented by Klutch Sports, the agency headed by Rich Paul. If that sounds familiar to you, it's because Paul is a long-time friend of LeBron James and is also a business partner and represents not only LeBron, but also Anthony Davis. This has led to some very painful weeks before the trade deadline, and the league seems to want to try to end the shenanigans around Simmons before they start.

Johnson and Simmons have similar play styles in that they both performed the rush role that is very rare. Simmons is at 6 feet 10 inches while Johnson is at 6-9, so their build is also similar, which is certainly one of the reasons the Sixers striker might want to come together.

Despite not having a consistent jump shot, on which he will continue to work when the Sixers will be speaking against the Celtics on Tuesday night (at 8 pm local time – Watch on FuboTV with the addition of the NBA League Pass ), Simmons has already blossomed. in one of the most talented young players in the NBA. Earlier this month, Simmons was chosen as the Eastern Conference Reserve and will be suited for the LeBron Team at this month's All-Star Game in Charlotte.

This will certainly be an interesting situation to watch as there could be a layer of forgery if Johnson does not get approval from the league before meeting Simmons. However, it seems that Johnson takes all the necessary precautions for such a meeting.