MIAMI (AP) – Kevin Durant of the Golden State should have called for an interrupted dribble over the Warriors' final possession over what would become their 120-118 victory over the Miami Heat, the NBA reported on Monday. detailing all calls made during the last 2 minutes of play.

Golden State made a pair of free throws on this possession, the last points of the match.

The League, in its report on the last two minutes published after close matches, said it examined several video angles to determine that Durant's dribbling was not interrupted by inadvertent contact with the foot or shin. Heat's defender, Justise Winslow, and dribble should have been called on Durant. "

In addition, the league chose not to impose sanctions on Heat Erik Spoelstra's coach for his post-match commentary on refereeing – which was prefaced by Spoelstra starting his comments by "Look, NBA" , do not condemn me. I have the right to say it. "

Spoelstra also said repeatedly in his post-match press conference that he was not blaming the referees for the loss.

Durant, Winslow defended the match position while it remained about 10 seconds tied, while DeMarcus Cousins ​​(Golden State) was trying a choice, the game being held not far from the referee Kevin Cutler. Durant lost control of the ball and Heat's assistant coach Chris Quinn – a few steps from referee Jason Goldenberg – was among those who immediately lobbied for a violation to be called.

Goldenberg reported that Durant's dribble had been deflected by Winslow, which showed that it was not. The game continued, Durant missed a 3-point try, and Cousins ​​got the rebound, was fouled and made two free throws with 5.4 seconds to go in what became the last point of the match.

"It's a double dribble. Everyone can see it, "said Spoelstra after the match. "These are tough calls to make but everyone has seen it. It's there in front of everyone. This should be a violation and you can not miss these calls. But we had our chances. As I said, it was a back and forth. The officials – so be clear so that I do not get fined – that's not why we lost. "

Miami still had a chance to win, but Dion Waiters' pointer rebounded at the end of the allotted time. The loss put Miami, who were playing in Denver on Monday night, out of the eighth and final playoff spot of the Eastern Conference.

The Warriors scored 26 free throws in the eight throws of Miami, which also displeased Spoelstra.

"You hate to see 26-8 when our guys go aggressively," he said.

The league's evaluation included a study of 26 different events that took place in the last two minutes and the league said the other 25 had all been handled properly.


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