These teams in the NBA have ruined everything at the trade deadline | Bleacher's report


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Charlotte Hornets

Marc Gasol's talks between the Hornets and Memphis The Grizzlies collapsed after "some last-minute haggling," according to Zach Lowe of There is something admirable to miss this way.

Lightening the protections on what was, according to Lowe, a lottery choice just to buy a big 34-year-old would have been potentially disastrous. Kemba Walker needs help, but mortgaging much of the future to have a chance to bounce back in the first round is never the right game.

At the same time, Kemba needs help. The Hornets offense is sentenced to death each time he is removed from office since the last .500. Walker tries more than three contested games per game than anyone other than James Harden, and his clutch utilization rate is the third highest among 300 players and more with at least five appearances in critical time .

Charlotte does not get brownie points for restraint in the Gasol negotiations. He also does not get a pass in the event of a shortage of assets. If the Hornets want to sign Walker again, they have to create something around him. But they could not even find a taker for Frank Kaminsky, which they should now buy back, according to Sporting News. Sean Deveney.

Neglecting the slightest upgrade of their rotation or their pool of assets is indefensible. When the Hornets have the most praise to do, it's not to have made their situation worse in the playoffs or with their long-term prospects, so something is wrong.

Minnesota Timberwolves

"The Timberwolves did not buy by the deadline and they did not sell", from The Athletic's Jon Krawczynski wrote. "Then they dropped another villain in Orlando, they just seem to be wandering in the desert right now."

You will not find a better summary of the deadline for wolves. They are close enough to the Western playoff circle to try to silence their status, but they are not ambitious enough to let us know that their playoff pursuit is futile.

The push comes through, they should have sold. Except that, of course, they do not have much value to buy. The expiring contract of Taj Gibson is too important to be able to be transferred without recovering bad salary. The expiring agreement of Derrick Rose is too small to get something that matters. The $ 19 million player option of Jeff Teague is a roadblock. Markelle Fultz going to Orlando and Tyler Johnson ending up in Phoenix canceled Tyus Jones' call.

Andrew Wiggins aroused some interest, according to Lowe, but the Wolves were not ready to give it. Because of course, if you have the chance to keep an inefficient marker that owes $ 122.2 million over the next four years, you jump on it.

The romantics he-still-23 are short of road. Minnesota faces a reset this summer with a lightweight core on flexibility of cap and desirable assets. Transmitting the opportunity to move Wiggins is not obvious. The Wolves might not be entitled to decisive relief, but they should have had two or three very bad deals to lose their contract.

It does not make him make the wrong decision. (That's probably the case.) The Timberwolves just needed to do something, no matter what, tilting them in a discernible direction. They chose to remain lost in the desert.