NBA Star is trading in the middle of a match. LeBron rings


10:23 02/07/2019 | Sports

William Davis | Donor

LeBron James called what he sees as a double standard in a long post Instagram Wednesday night.

Forward Harrison Barnes of the Dallas Mavericks was traded in the middle of the Mavericks win Wednesday night against the Charlotte Hornets. Barnes' stunned response as he sat on the bench near the end of the game had led LeBron to question whether loyalty in the sport was a one-way street. (RELATED: LeBron James hangs on the ledge, does not call for a technician)

"Exchanged that man while he was literally playing in the game and had no idea," James said. "I'm not looking for who traded it because it's a business and you have to do what you feel is the best, but I just want this story to begin to become REAL / CHANGE and not when A player wants to be exchanged or leaves a franchise which is a selfish / ungrateful player, but when they exchange you, free you, give up, cut, etc. I agree with both honestly, really . "

James also asked people to call a cat a cat.

LeBron has a point. Fans and owners demand player loyalty but do not keep it when the player's field value declines like Barnes'. By all accounts, Barnes was a class number and was a good player for years, but his contract had become a drawback and the Mavericks have therefore dropped him.

I am not alone in thinking that the king was right. One of LeBron's likely future team mates has also accepted.

Anthony Davis liked LeBron's post in which he commented on Harrison Barnes being traded in the middle of the match ????

– SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) February 7, 2019

Players must always do what is in their interest, whatever it is. However, it would be good to go back to a time when the best players were competing instead of capturing each other's achievements.

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