Tyler Kaufman / Associated Press

The pelicans of New Orleans receive: Mike Conley, Omri Casspi

Memphis Grizzlies Receive: Solomon Hill, Wesley Johnson, Nikola Mirotic, 2019 first-round pick (top-seven protection), 2019 second-round pick, 2020 second-round pick

Chasing Mike Conley, a 31 year old, owed much money over the next two seasons would be an atypical behavior of an organization that has just discovered that one of the top five players in the NBA wants a exchange. Pelicans are free not to worry about it.

To be sure: the eventual exit of Davis is absolutely important. If the pelicans want to sell their other assets, stink for a few years and reload their project, then, of course, they should do it.

But reconstruction is an inexact science. New Orleans is not a market that can necessarily endure more than two years of extreme losses. Free agents do not come to save the day. The Pelicans have not managed to retain their last two cornerstones of franchise: the first, Chris Paul, and now, Davis.

This is not a sub-punch to the city of New Orleans, nor to the franchise itself. Pelicans made mistakes with Davis. Trucks complete of them. It's a wider conversation. But insisting on the past will not get them anywhere. They must learn from it and not get tired of it.

To bring Conley would be a calculated bet. Jrue Holiday and him are a good starting point for an immediate turnaround if and when pelicans exchange Davis. In the meantime, they would play all three. It is strange to have Davis dressed if it does not move, but they are professionals. New Orleans would have enough talent to justify spending this season's choice.

In the worst case, nothing changes. It makes more sense for pelicans to postpone Davis's draw until the off-season. If they can not make an improbable stalemate on the series or convince him to reconsider his position, the Lakers, Celtics and 27 other teams will be waiting with their offers.

And from there, the pelicans would have Conley, Holiday, E + Twaun Moore, maybe Julius Randle (player option), all that they would get for Davis and their own first players in 2020 and at the same time. -of the. The teams found themselves in much more desperate situations.

Memphis throws a key to this drastic extent if Conley is unavailable. The team owner, Robert Pera, informed the playmaker and Marc Gasol that they were on the block, but the asking price has not yet been established.

The Grizzlies will claim more, especially if they think Davis is wearing pelicans again this season and hurts the value of his choice. New Orleans has some trails to explore. Elfrid Payton can be involved in the deal, both teams can trade Moore and Garrett Temple, Darius Miller can be added to the package, Randle can be traded against Nikola Mirotic, etc.

Nevertheless, Memphis is not armed with too much weight. Conley has a track record of Achilles issuance and owes $ 67 million over the next two seasons ($ 22.4 million guarantee in 2020-2021). It does not offer great value at its price. If pelicans help clean their books in the long run, give them rights to Mirotic birds and include three choices, the Grizzlies have to listen to them.