3 teams accumulated 140 points in a historic night to score NBA goals


NBA teams accumulated points as they had not done in 35 years.

Three teams scored 140 points on Tuesday night. The Golden State Warriors set an NBA record by scoring 51 points in the first quarter of their win over Denver.

The Warriors took a 142-111 win to advance the Nuggets to first place in the Western Conference.

"To be honest, they fired a lot of shots," said Nikola Jokic in Denver. "They played very well at basketball at a high level."

And it was not even the biggest total of the night.

Philadelphia and Atlanta were also over 140.

The league said it was the first time that three teams had scored 140 on the same night since January 7, 1984, when the Warriors (154), Nuggets (141) and Knicks (140) had reached the goal.

"Tonight, the shots continued to go down," said Trae Young of Atlanta, who was referring to the Hawks game, but could have talked about a few. "When we see the ball coming in as we did tonight, I think it keeps rolling."

Philadelphia scored 149 points in a 42-point Minnesota rout in the first meeting between the teams since Jimmy Butler's trade. The 76ers were 83 at half-time, the second highest NBA total this season, and Butler wanted more.

"Listen, I'll tell you right now, when I arrived at halftime, I said," We do not give up this advance. We will continue this momentum, "Butler said.

They were successful, achieving a team record of 21 3 points and reaching their highest points total in 22 years of the Wells Fargo Center's history.

The Hawks beat Oklahoma City 142-126 while Young totaled 24 points and 11 assists, which resembled him when he became the first Division I player to lead the country in both categories at the same season during of his only year in Oklahoma.

"What did we score tonight, 126 points?" Asked Thunder's coach, Billy Donovan. "It should be good enough for us to win."

Not this evening.

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